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STD Testing

Do Not Delay in Getting Tested For STDs – The Postponement Can Prove Disastrous

Unusual as it may seem, rates of sexually transmitted infections has taken an abrupt downturn during this corona virus breakout. This should appear good news. The Covid-19 breakout must have kept people away from bars, nightclubs, and gatherings, thus minimizing the opportunities for risky sexual behavior. But experts in sexual health have a different take. They say the pandemic has seriously disrupted testing and treatment. “This could be a harbinger of bad news”, says a...

Do Not Neglect To Get Tested For HIV/STD – Your Wellness Is At Stake

As the corona virus pandemic spreads across the globe gobbling up health resources, some neglected diseases are making a comeback. It is not just that Covid-19 has diverted medical professionals’ focus from diseases like malaria, TB, and H.I.V. The lockdowns across Africa and Asia have raised insurmountable barriers for patients who must travel far to obtain treatment and drugs. The fear of Covid-19 and closing down of clinics has deterred many patients...

Coronavirus Vaccine and STD Testing: Why Both are Important

The world is witnessing the largest vaccine campaign in the history of mankind – Coronavirus vaccine. As per a news report, by Jan 5, 2021, Americans received around 21 million doses of the much-awaited vaccine. It’s a long way to go, say doctors. At the same time, doctors at the STD clinic wish that, some day, there would be a vaccine against some of the deadliest sexually transmitted diseases. Certain STDs like...