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Let’s Get Out of the HIV Social Stigma, Shall We?

STDs are rampant across the world. The United States, alone, has millions of infected people with one or more than one infections. Many of them are unaware they are infected! This is because most STDs do not produce symptoms. Even if they do, the symptoms are similar to common daily ailments and people think it’s just a mild illness that can go away after a simple treatment. This is the case...

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What Really Happens When You Contract STD?

Some of the commonest STDs prevalent in the US include HIV, HPV, hepatitis, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, syphilis, trich, and herpes. Millions of people are affected. Some are vigilant enough to undergo a test, while others continue to live their life, often ignorant of their health status. They continue to have sex. This is how they contribute in spreading the infection. Importance of STD testing In the wake of the presence of several STDs,...

8 Unexpected Ways You Can Get STD

Think of STDs and you think of unprotected sex, sharing needles, blood transfusion, breastfeeding, and homosexual relations. Of course, these are the biggest risk factors of getting sexually transmitted diseases. Do you know there are other completely unexpected factors that can expose you to the risk of STDs? And you thought it was simple to stay away from STDs – use condoms, don’t share needles, get yourselves tested regularly, and others. Strange ways you can get STDs 1. You...

Can You Know If Your Partner Has STD?

Talk of getting STD through unprotected sex and many people think, “it won’t happen to me.” Worse, they assume that they would know if their partner has an STI. Alas, assumptions don’t work here. Love, in this case, is actually blind. Even doctors have been, so far, unable to establish signs and symptoms that clearly indicate STD. According to doctors, getting tested is the only way to ascertain whether you have...

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STDs That Can Be Cured And Not Cured

It is creepy to learn all those STD microbes lurking everywhere, eager to enter your body. Certain STDs can be cured, while some stay with you until your last breath. Some are so dangerous they can harm your vital organs and lead to death. STDs that can be cured Syphilis: Doctors can treat this STD with penicillin in the first and the second stage. The last stage requires a higher dose....