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Arlington Male Chlamydia Test: How to Stay Safe During Sex?

Chlamydia test for men

Arlington Male Chlamydia Test: How to Stay Safe During Sex?

Chlamydia is a widespread sexually transmitted disease. The scary thing about this disease is that it is often asymptomatic, means it shows no symptoms. According to studies, about 50% of cases in men and around 75% infections in women are without symptoms.

Doctor advise people to get themselves tested whenever they have unprotected sex with somebody whose sexual history is unknown. This small step can be a life saver.

Chlamydia in men

According to doctors, Chlamydia symptoms in men are sporadic and random. This makes most of the men unaware that they are infected. Reputable STD clinic in Arlington conducts male Chlamydia test. It takes about 10 minutes for the test and these 10 minutes can prove to be crucial in helping you save your health.

In case you test positive, the doctor immediately puts you on an antibiotic course. Chlamydia is curable. But, if left untreated, this disease can wreak havoc with your body, particularly your fertility. Although infertility due to Chlamydia is more prominent in women, men are not spared. There are many cases of men losing their fertility due to this disease.

Common symptoms

  • Clear or cloudy discharge from the tip of the penis
  • Painful urination
  • Burning and itching around the opening of the penis
  • Pain and swelling around testicles

This can also happen:

  • Rectal pain, discharge, or bleeding
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Throat infection

The above three symptoms are so unrelated people may never imagine a sore throat or conjunctivitis to be a Chlamydia infection. That’s where the deception of the disease lies. You need to carefully observe whatever is happening, especially when you know you had sex without a condom.

About testing

Chlamydia test for men in Pentagon City is available in a nearby STD clinic. It is affordable. Just walk in and ask for a test. You can undergo anonymous testing. This is such a relief because, most of the times, people avoid testing due to embarrassment.

Doctor will ask you to collect your urine sample. For the best results, you must not have urinated for a minimum of two hours before taking the sample.

In case you had indulged in anal sex, you must give a swab sample from your rectum and, if necessary, throat.

Please be honest with the doctor about your sexual activity so that he/she prescribes a suitable test.

The bad news

Studies show that Chlamydia infection can destroy sperms and can lead to permanent infertility. So, it is unwise to delay testing.

The only way to know whether you are infected is through a test.

The good news

About 95% cases of Chlamydia are fully cured through a proper and complete course of antibiotics.

How men can stay safe during sex?

  • Use a condom during vaginal, oral, and anal sex
  • Avoid sharing sex toys
  • In case of new sex partner, ask her to get tested first. You must also undergo a test, if you have been never tested before. Have sex only if both of you are sexually healthy.

Arlington male Chlamydia test is easily available in a STD clinic near you. One wise decision can go a long way in keeping you and your partner safe and healthy.

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