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Highlights of Virginia Chlamydia Screening Test and Treatment Facility

Arlington Chlamydia screening

Highlights of Virginia Chlamydia Screening Test and Treatment Facility

Infectious diseases that involve sexual organs and are passed on from one person to another through sexual acts are known as Sexually Transmitted diseases. Although, syphilis and gonorrhea have been known to mankind for ages, Chlamydia is a relatively modern infection which was identified in the early sixties.

The presence of any infection, including an STD infection, is first noticed by patients themselves due to classical symptoms of these diseases. If you are staying in Virginia, Chlamydia screening test is the most reliable way to confirm that the symptoms are caused due to this disease. 

Key highlights of Chlamydia

Most STDs are found to target young people and the reason for this can be attributed to irresponsible behavior or casual sex during this age. Sexually transmitted infections can cause severe damage to reproductive and other organs if the treatment is delayed.

Chlamydia not only affects the process of conception but it can also lead to serious complications during childbirth. Chlamydia is more commonly found in women, but it can also cause complications in men too.

Sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea are caused due to the entry of bacteria during intercourse or an unnatural act of sex. Unprotected sex is the commonest cause of these infections.

Symptoms and screening

Before you approach any reputed Arlington Chlamydia screening center, you need to make a self assessment by considering some important predisposing factors. If you have committed a sexual act with stranger/s without using any protection, you are likelier to get infected by Chlamydia or any other STD.

Since Chlamydia is considered to be a silent STD, its symptoms often go unnoticed. The common signs of this STD are unusual discharge from the vagina and burning sensation while passing urine. Men need to look for swollen testicles or penile discharge.

It is recommended to approach an established Virginia Chlamydia screening testimmediately if you have been experiencing the above signs and symptoms or if there is a history of unprotected sex with strangers.

Healthcare professionals at the STD clinic will obtain a sample of urine for conducting the Chlamydia test. Thanks to the advanced screening facilities at these centers, you will be able to get your test reports on the same day. You can also access treatment facility in the same clinic from a qualified physician if your chlamydia test turns out to be positive.

Importance of STD treatment

Any sexually transmitted disease must be treated with help of relevant antibiotics to arrest further spread of the disease. Moreover, chlamydia infection can lead to irreversible damage to the reproductive system or can cause ectopic pregnancy, a fatal complication.

Thanks to the advances in medical science, STDs can be successfully treated with help of an appropriate antibiotic regimen. Doctors advise retesting at a reputed Virginia Chlamydia screening testfacility after ninety days to make sure that the patient is completely cured.

STDs can be prevented by adhering to protective measures and by practicing safe sex. It is our social responsibility to stop spreading these serious infections.

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