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4 Common Reasons People Don’t Get Tested for HIV in Arlington

4 Common Reasons People Don’t Get Tested for HIV in Arlington

Testing for HIV is simple. You just need to give your blood sample. It is a painless process that can tell you whether you are infected or healthy. Yet, many people refrain from undergoing a test.

If there’s no pain and the process is simple, then why do people not get tested for HIV in Arlington?

Common reasons for people not undergoing HIV test

  1. Social stigma

One of the major reasons is the social stigma attached to HIV infection. Even if your test results are negative, the mere mention of your visit to the clinic for HIV test can raise eyebrows.

Moreover, it gets a bit awkward sitting amongst patients at the waiting area in a hospital. What if a person sitting beside you suddenly asks the reason for your hospital visit? You might hesitate to tell the real reason.

  1. Lack of awareness

Another reason for not undergoing a test is the lack of awareness about the infection. People think this is something that happens to “dirty” people, or to sex workers or others. It cannot happen to them.

So, they never ask, “how to get tested for HIV in Arlington” because they think they need no test.

According to doctors, HIV infection can happen to anybody, irrespective of class, profession, lifestyle, health status, age, gender, race, and sexual behavior.

Talking of sexual behavior, you can contract an infection even if you have had unprotected sex with only a single person in your life. If he or she was infected, then you are too. So, please do not think that HIV infection happens to only those with multipole sex partners. Of course, such people are at high risk, but even a single sexual event with an infected person puts you at risk.

Another thing to note is:

HIV virus stays inside the body for years together. So, if you have that single sexual event 10 years back, beware, you could still be infected!

  1. Not knowing where and how to get tested for HIV in Arlington

People often do not know where to go for an HIV test. They don’t want to visit a hospital for a test. In such a case, you can walk in your nearest STD clinic and undergo a test. The clinic offers an array of STD tests. They also test for vaginal infections, ED (Erectile Dysfunction), PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease), and others. You can also undergo a complete health examination here.

Testing at your nearby clinic proves to be cheaper than testing in a hospital. You also save yourselves the hassle of scheduling an appointment, waiting in a line, and going all the way to the hospital for a simple test.

Even if your test results are positive, you need not visit a hospital. Arlington STD clinic provides testing and treatment on the same day.

  1. Feeling scared

Are you scared that you might be infected? Well, feeling scared won’t solve the problem, nor will avoiding the situation. You must face the situation, walk in the clinic for a test, and take treatment, if necessary.

Alas, many people are aware that they must get tested for HIV in Arlington, but hold back due to fear of coming out positive in test results.

Being HIV positive is not the end of the world. There is an effective treatment for it called ART – Antiretroviral therapy. This treatment helps HIV+ patients live healthier lives.

If you fail to take appropriate treatment, HIV can destroy your immunity and, eventually, turn into AIDS, which is a potentially fatal condition.

Get tested for HIV in Arlington today and ensure your health; save your life.

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