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Learning How to Get Tested for HIV in Arlington Discreetly

Learning How to Get Tested for HIV in Arlington Discreetly

Lack of awareness about HIV infections and their preventive measures is causing a rise in HIV-infected individuals. Over one in ten persons in the high-risk group may have HIV infection and be unaware of it. These people continue to spread the infections by not following standard preventive measures like using condoms or avoiding sex with strangers. Knowing how to get tested for HIV in Arlington helps them detect HIV in time for treatment.

Key aspects of HIV infection

Entry of bacteria or viruses into the body causes infection, requiring appropriate treatment by diagnosing the type of infection. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) can invade the body through several routes. The HIV-infected person can transmit the HIV infection to a healthy individual through unprotected sexual contact. The infection can also spread through infected blood, saliva, semen, or vaginal secretions.

HIV prevention by taking precautions, such as using barrier methods during intercourse, avoiding unnatural sex, sex with high-risk individuals, and testing blood before transfusion is helpful. One must get tested for HIV infection in Arlington following sex with strangers or sharing infected needles. There is no definite cure for HIV infection. However, timely detection of HIV infection helps physicians plan a treatment to control symptoms.

Progress of HIV

Delay in diagnosis and treatment of HIV infection leads to AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). It involves losing immune power, making the individual susceptible to many infections, including fungal and bacterial infections. Detecting HIV is challenging because it is a viral infection. Knowing where and how to get tested for HIV in Arlington is essential if the individual had sex with strangers or received a blood transfusion.

There are no specific symptoms to detect HIV by clinical examination. Physicians recommend HIV testing if they suspect the individual to have the infection. HIV testing of the expectant mother is necessary after pregnancy detection because HIV infection of the mother can pass to the fetus. The only way to know HIV infection in a particular person is to approach a reliable STD testing clinic providing HIV detection services.

Signs and symptoms

Detecting HIV infection without testing is extremely difficult, as the signs and symptoms of HIV are vague. The physician must depend on the patient’s history to suspect the HIV infection as HIV symptoms are non-specific. Approaching an urgent care clinic with same-day STD testing and consultation facility is necessary if there is a history of unprotected sex or sharing needles for substance use.

An HIV-infected person may experience pain and fever as early signs of the HIV infection. However, these signs may disappear within a few days. Most HIV-infected individuals may not know they have HIV infection until the disease reaches the advanced stage of AIDS. Early HIV detection is crucial to prevent the progression of HIV infection to a later stage. Besides, the individual continues to spread the infection to others unless they know how to get tested for HIV in Arlington.

Getting tested for HIV

Consulting a physician for HIV diagnosis may be uncomfortable for most because of the taboo associated with HIV/AIDS. Reputed STD detection facilities ensure confidential HIV screening to enable high-risk individuals to get tested for HIV infection in Arlington discreetly. They do not mandate a physician’s recommendation for the HIV test, and one can voluntarily approach the SEDT detection center for the test.

HIV testing helps physicians plan antiretroviral (ARV) treatment to control the progress of HIV infection, besides managing severe symptoms like susceptibility to common infections. Knowing how to get tested for HIV in Arlington is helpful for same-day HIV diagnosis and consultation. Established urgent care clinics in Arlington provide the facility of STD testing without a doctor’s order. You may walk in for reliable testing of HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, or syphilis infection.

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