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More Reasons To Choose Urgent Care Clinics For STD Testing

More Reasons To Choose Urgent Care Clinics For STD Testing

The healthcare industry spends millions every year on creating awareness about STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and convincing people about the significance of regular STD screening. Unfortunately, there is still a considerable portion of population that is highly reluctant to go in for STD testing.

Did you know that ignoring STDs and not receiving treatment on time can lead to serious health issues, infertility, cancer and even death? It is therefore crucial to get tested regularly and seek treatment in case the result turns out to be positive. While hospitals and regular physicians do provide STD testing facilities, you now have a better option – urgent care clinics. Let us take a look into what makes these clinics the best choice for STD screening.

Quick and reliable testing

When you are on the lookout for quick and easy access to STD testing, look no further than urgent care STD testing. At urgent care clinics, you do not have to book appointments or wait for hours to get tested for STDs. This way, you get a reliable diagnosis at the earliest, that in turn enables you to begin treatment as soon as possible in case you test positive.

Additionally, these clinics have very flexible working hours with most facilities being open late into the night and on weekends as well. This is wonderful news for working professionals since they do not have to rearrange their schedule or take time off from work to undergo STD screening. They can conveniently walk in after their working hours and get the results in a couple of hours. However, be sure to call beforehand to confirm the working hours of the urgent care clinic.

Full range of STD testing at affordable rates

If you are unsure of what STDs to test for, urgent care STD testing offers full spectrum STD screening that includes tests for the most common STDs prevalent in your area. In addition, you can also request tests for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia or herpes if you may have been exposed to the infection. With the results being available on the same day, you can begin treatment at the earliest if the result shows positive for any test.

The best thing about opting for comprehensive testing at STD health clinic in Arlington is that you can know your status regarding multiple STDs with a single visit. It saves time and is also more cost-effective. This mode of testing is highly recommended for individuals who have multiple partners.

STD testing at urgent care clinics is more affordable than the expensive tests at hospitals. This makes walk in clinics a perfect option for individuals who do not have health insurance. It is also a more economical option in case you prefer to get tested multiple times a year.

Discreet testing, non-judgmental care

Of course, privacy is among your top concerns when you go in for STD testing. This is exactly why you must visit STD health clinic in Arlington VA. Staffed by highly experienced and compassionate healthcare professionals, these clinics offer a safe and supportive space where you do not have to feel embarrassed or ashamed to reveal your health issues.

The healthcare professionals will make sure you are relaxed and will patiently answer all your queries. They are trained to respect confidentiality of patients and therefore none of your personal details or test results will be available to anyone else.

So the next time you need to get tested for STDs you know exactly where to visit. Urgent care clinics offer confidential testing facilities at affordable rates and the timings are amazingly convenient for students and working professionals.

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