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Multiple Benefits Of Choosing Urgent Care Clinics For STD Screening

Multiple Benefits Of Choosing Urgent Care Clinics For STD Screening

Millions of people seek treatment every year at advanced stages of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). Failing to show up for regular STD screening is the first mistake such individuals commit. With simple STD tests, it is possible to detect the presence of most STDs and begin treatment at the earliest if the results are positive.

However, due to the stigma and embarrassment associated with sexual diseases, most people are reluctant to visit hospitals or clinics for STD tests. Subsequently, they remain unaware of their sexual health until things take a turn for the worse. The only solution to monitor and manage your sexual health is to get tested for STDs on a regular basis.

How to get tested for STDs?

Until a few years back, options were limited when it came to STD testing. Although hospitals offered STD screening, it involved booking an appointment and waiting for one’s turn while others threw judgmental stares in your direction. Needless to say, the experience was not a pleasant one. However, the situation is radically different now.

If you need Arlington quick STD test, all you need to do is visit your nearest urgent care clinic. There are many advantages for choosing walk in clinics for your STD screening. Flexible timings, assured confidentiality, quick access to tests, same day results and affordable rates are just a few of these advantages.

Read on to learn more about why these clinics are perfect for your STD testing needs.

Reasons to choose urgent care clinics for STD screening

Now here is a closer look into why an increasing number of people now prefer walk in clinics for STD testing.

• Convenient timings: By the time you leave your workplace in the evening, most regular clinics would have closed for the day. This means you will have to take time off from work to undergo STD screening. Not any more. Urgent care clinics stay open late into the night. Some of these clinics even remain open on weekends. This way you can walk in for Arlington get tested for STDs after work or even on weekends. It would be best to call ahead and confirm if the clinic is open before actually visiting the clinic.

• Easily accessible: Have you noticed how urgent care clinics are located in prime zones such as busy intersections or major shopping areas? The favorable location makes these clinics high accessible. No matter where you are located, you can easily find a walk in clinic adjacent to your home or workplace. So when you need to get tested, the nearest clinic will usually be just a few minutes away.

• Assured confidentiality: Although STDs are fairly common, there is still the social stigma attached to people with STDs. This is why most people are embarrassed or ashamed to approach clinics for STD clinics. But you will be impressed with your experience in urgent care clinics. The highly trained healthcare professionals in these clinics are non-judgmental in their approach and will immediately make you feel comfortable and cared for. None of your personal details or test results will be shared with anyone else, thereby ensuring maximum confidentiality.

• Faster service: Urgent care clinics will amaze you with the speed of service. No more waiting for hours for consultation and testing. Within a few minutes of arrival, you will be ushered in for consultation. Collecting test samples takes another couple of minutes. That’s it! Arlington quick STD test results will be available on the same day.

Final word

The benefits of choosing urgent care clinics for STD testing are numerous. From flexible timings and confidential testing to reliable treatment and affordable rates, these clinics offer everything you expect from STD screening. So the next time you are planning to get tested for STDs, you know the right place for it.

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