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Urgent Care Clinic – Providing Quick and Easy Screening for Trichomoniasis

Urgent Care Clinic – Providing Quick and Easy Screening for Trichomoniasis

A sexually transmitted infection (STI), trichomoniasis is spread through a parasite during unprotected sexual practices. Just like most other STIs, it can cause symptoms in some individuals and remain totally asymptomatic in others. Regardless of the symptoms, it is vitally important to get screened for STIs on a regular basis – like annually or bi-annually – if you are a sexually active person. This way, STIs can be detected at the earlier stages, making it easier to treat and return to a healthy physical status.

Understanding trichomoniasis

As mentioned earlier, trichomoniasis infection can trigger several symptoms such as:

Intense itching in the genital area
Burning sensation
Pain while urinating
Foul-smelling vaginal discharge
Abdominal pain

In addition to the physical discomfort, there is the stigma and embarrassment associated with testing positive for trichomoniasis. Timely diagnosis and treatment in integral to prevent a range of health complications such as increasing the risk of other STIs, pelvic inflammatory disease and premature delivery in pregnant women affected by the infection.

Rather than opting for Arlington trichomoniasis self test that may often be unreliable and provide false negatives, it is highly recommended that you visit your nearest urgent care clinic for a quick test.

Benefits of STI screening at urgent care clinics

While there are plenty of options when it comes to screening for STIs, urgent care clinics are definitely the best choice due to a range of reasons such as follows:

Prompt testing and fast results: You do not have to keep aside an entire day to get tested for STIs. Forget about booking appointments, waiting for your turn and spending days for the results to arrive. You can simply walk in to your nearest urgent care clinic, request for trichomoniasis blood test in Virginia and get tested in minutes. Within hours, you will have the results, making it easier to commence treatment at the earliest in case the result turns out positive.

Guaranteed confidentiality: Of course, confidentiality is a key concern when it comes to STI testing. You obviously do not want your visit to a screening center or your results to be the talk of the town. This is why you can confidently step in to an urgent care clinic for your STI screening.

Staffed by experienced medical professionals who will make you feel comfortable right away, immediate care clinics are unmatched when it comes to protecting your privacy. In fact, you do not have to provide your real name in most clinics to get tested. And once the results are ready, you will be the sole person with access to it.

Advanced infrastructure: To ensure significantly more reliable results than Arlington trichomoniasis self test, urgent care clinics are equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment and screening technologies. Lab technicians are highly trained and experienced professionals committed to providing the most accurate results in the shortest possible time.

Effective treatment: In case you test positive for trichomoniasis, the next step is to ensure proper treatment and monitoring of the infection. Urgent care clinics offer reliable treatment for trichomoniasis including medications such as antibiotics. The treatment can be commenced as soon as the results come in so that patients can be on the road to recovery at the earliest.

In addition to all these services, urgent care clinics understand the significance of creating awareness about STIs and the importance of regular screening. Healthcare professionals at these clinics will patiently answer all your queries about STIs and STDs. They will also offer vital advice such as getting your partner/s tested in case you are positive. Walk in to your nearest urgent care clinic for your next STD screening and you are sure to be impressed by the experience.

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