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5 Common Non-STI Conditions that Cause Painful Urination in Men

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5 Common Non-STI Conditions that Cause Painful Urination in Men

To tell you the truth: a burning pee is uncomfortable and scary. And when your penis is on fire, you avoid visiting the loo. But, this doesn’t work, does it? You have to pee. The best thing to do is consult a doctor.

STI is one factor for painful urination. But, if you have just tested yourselves and came out negative, there should be some other underlying problem causing you to pee painfully.

Here are 5 non-STI causes for painful urination in males

1. UTI – Urinary Tract Infection

Many men believe that UTIs only happen to women. Gentlemen, you do have a urinary tract, don’t you? So, anybody who has a urinary tract can get an infection. And this is one of the commonest causes of painful pee.

When bacteria (mostly they are E-Coli) get trapped in the urinary tract, they infect the tract and cause UTI.

Other symptoms of UTI are: fever, blood-tinged or cloudy urine, and pain in the sides and the back.

You can walk in a STI clinic in Arlington to consult about your painful urination. STI clinics conduct UTI tests. The doctor will prescribe you a course of antibiotics. UTI is curable, so do not worry.

However, you must take action promptly, lest the bacteria can travel further and infect your kidneys.

2. Urethritis

Urethritis is the swelling of the urethra, which is a tube that expels urine out of your body. Inflammation in this tube can lead to pain during urination. This, too, can be treated successfully through antibiotics. Please consult a doctor. Get test and treatment on the same day in a STI clinic.

3. Allergic reaction

When your penis comes in contact with anything new, such as some new soap, laundry detergent, condoms, or fabric of your new undergarment, it can trigger an allergy. This can also happen if you touched your penis to something that your partner worn or you used some new sex toy.At times, new medications can trigger a reaction.

It’s best to visit STI clinic near Arlington, VA. The doctor may examine your penis, if necessary, and prescribe appropriate anti-allergen and cleansing formula.

4. Kidney stones

Kidney stones are notorious for causing painful urination. Please consult a doctor about the appropriate treatment for it. Meanwhile, you must drink a lot of water every day, upto 2-3 liters.

5. BPS – Bladder Pain Syndrome

BPS is a chronic bladder issue. Although not much common, but when it happens, a man may feel pain and pressure during urination. This is an infection of the lower urinary tract. People with fibromyalgia, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), and other such chronic issues are more prone to getting BPS.


When you feel pain during urination, do not suffer silently. Consult a doctor. Head to a STI clinic in Arlington and find out the cause of the pain. If it’s not STI, it could any of the above mentioned causes. The doctor will examine your situation and prescribe test and treatment accordingly. It’s best to catch a condition at the earliest to avoid complications later.

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