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Failure to Notice signs of Syphilis in Men VA is a Fatal Mistake

signs of syphilis in men VA

Failure to Notice signs of Syphilis in Men VA is a Fatal Mistake

Infections caused due to unprotected sex are known as STDs or sexually transmitted diseases. Thanks to the advances in medical science, these infections can be successfully cured with the help of antibiotics and other medicines.

Individuals may not know that they are suffering from an STD infection, unless an appropriate STD test is performed. This is because STD infections such as gonorrhea, syphilis, or chlamydia do not present any symptoms especially during the initial phases.

Need for appropriate treatment

It is for the same reason that signs of syphilis in men VA may not be noticed and the infected person may continue to transmit the infection to others in the absence of proper treatment. Doctors can however understand the stage of an STD infection by clinically examining a patient and looking at the signs.

Syphilis is a progressive disease. There are four stages of the disease as the bacteria Treponema Pallidum continues to multiply and spread throughout the human body. Diagnosis of syphilis is extremely difficult in the absence of a lab test. These tests are routinely carried out at urgent care STD centers.

Doctors can prescribe appropriate antibiotic therapy based on the findings of lab tests. One should therefore appreciate the significance of a pathological test to diagnose and treat an STD infection such as syphilis disease Pentagon VA.

Primary stage syphilis

This is the very first stage of syphilis which signifies the entry of the bacteria Treponema Pallidum through a small pustule that may be present on the genital surface, such as the penis. The pustule plays the role of a gateway for the bacteria to enter the host body and is known as a chancre in medical terminology.

Interestingly, syphilis is also caused due to oral sex if such a chancre is present in the oral cavity of the patient. In the first stage of syphilis, a doctor would look for a sore that may appear within ten days of actual contact and can continue for almost three months before the disease progresses further to second stage.

Secondary syphilis- signs and symptoms

Presence of non-itchy sores on any part of the body along with complaint of sore throat may be some of the signs of syphilis in men VA. There are other signs of secondary syphilis to look for and these include loss of hair, joint pain, headache, malaise, and swollen lymph glands, to name a few.

Lull before the storm

The next stage of syphilis can only be compared with a lull before the storm. During the third stage, a patient will not notice any signs at all. This stage will continue for a couple of years before the patient enters the most fatal stage known as tertiary stage syphilis.

Absence of signs of syphilis in men VA is the reason for lack of proper investigation and subsequent treatment. The signs may appear with varying severity in individuals and may disappear even if the person has not received any treatment. This is a very dicey situation as the patient may not approach the doctor due to disappearance of the signs thinking that he or she is cured of the disease.

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