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Important Things to Know About Syphilis STD

Syphilis is a bacterial disease transmitted through sexual contact. It is not possible to know whether you are infected unless you undergo a test. So, if you think you are infected, do not delay. Visit your nearest STD clinic and undergo a test. The doctor will then tell you whether you are infected. If you are, you can immediately take the treatment. First sign of syphilis One of the first signs and...

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Beware, The Syphilis Epidemic is Here!

The first recorded outbreak of syphilis happened in 1495 in Europe. It is believed to be spread by military troops who returned from war. Back then, there was hardly a cure for this STD. Patients died horrible deaths, often becoming deformed, brain dead, or blind, or had severe dementia before they died. Then and now Unfortunately, syphilis is still present. The United States of America witnessed a surge of cases just before...

Experiencing These Syphilis Symptoms? Get Tested At Urgent Care Clinic Now

Syphilis is among the most common STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) in the US. This bacterial infection is usually spread though unprotected sexual contact – oral, vaginal or anal. Sometimes it can also be transmitted by sharing injecting needles. If a pregnant woman is infected, she can pass on the disease to the unborn child. If you are a sexually active person who indulges in unprotected sex or if you have multiple...