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What Really Happens When You Contract STD?

syphilis disease in Pentagon VA

What Really Happens When You Contract STD?

Some of the commonest STDs prevalent in the US include HIV, HPV, hepatitis, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, syphilis, trich, and herpes. Millions of people are affected. Some are vigilant enough to undergo a test, while others continue to live their life, often ignorant of their health status. They continue to have sex. This is how they contribute in spreading the infection.

Importance of STD testing

In the wake of the presence of several STDs, doctors advise sexually active people to undergo a test atleast once in their lifetime.

“It depends on your sexual behavior,” says a doctor at the Arlington STD clinic. “If you never had unprotected sex or had it just once, one-time testing is enough to ensure your sexual health. But if you often indulge in risky sexual behaviors, you must undergo test frequently.”

Arlington’s urgent care clinic offers STD testing. The best part is that they keep your identity confidential. They understand the social stigma attached to STDs and don’t want their patients to feel awkward while coming to the clinic.

So, feel free and visit the clinic. This is a golden opportunity for you and your partner to ensure your sexual health.

What will happen to me if I get STD?

According to doctors, nothing will happen! Well, that’s the scary part of STDs. They hardly produce symptoms. And that’s why it becomes all the more important to undergo a test. You would not know you are infected until you get a test done.

In case you are infected and you don’t undergo a test, you won’t take a treatment. And an untreated STD can turn into a devastating disease later. It can spread to other organs of your body. You can become infertile for life. You can even go blind or damage your brain!

Infected mothers can infect their babies, who may either die upon birth or suffer from health complications.

“Horrible things can happen to you, if you leave an infection untreated,” cautious an urgent care clinic doctor.

This isn’t to scare you, ladies and gentlemen. This is to inform you and make you aware of how important STD testing is.

Risk factors of contracting STI (sexually transmitted infection):

• Having unprotected sex.
• Indulging in sexual activities with multiple partners.
• Falling in the age group of 15 to 24 years, which is the most vulnerable age to contract STI, as per CDC report.
• Sharing needles and sex toys.
• Abusing drugs and other substances, which lowers your inhibitions and judgement. You are more likely to indulge in risky sexual behaviors under influence.

In Arlington, quick STD test facility can help people determine whether they are infected or not. Walk in the STD clinic and ask for a test today. This small step can turn to be a life-saver for you.

And if you feel pain during sex, burning sensation while peeing, or see bumps or blisters appearing on your genital area, or experience penile discharge or abnormal vaginal discharge, consult a doctor immediately. These are signs of STD!

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