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Significance of Visiting an Urgent care STD Testing Clinic

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Significance of Visiting an Urgent care STD Testing Clinic

The popularity of immediate care clinics can be attributed to a number of factors such as quick and reliable healthcare services and easily accessible locations, among others. In fact, most of these facilities have extended their services to include physicals, vaccinations, and pathological or investigation facilities, to name a few.

Benefits of urgent care STD clinics

If you are contemplating a visit to a medical office for diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted disease, you need to consider the option of urgent care STD testing clinic for a variety of reasons. In addition to availability of qualified healthcare staff, you can expect to get quicker service as compared to any hospital.

Testing for STDs at urgent care facilities provides same day results and treatment without any hassles. These centers also offer the utmost confidentiality. A visit to any conventional STD clinic might make you feel embarrassed. In contrast, immediate care clinics are visited by all types of patients and hence you will not feel awkward during your visit to these clinics.

STDs and immediate care centers

Urgent care clinics are the ideal places to visit for convenient, easy, reliable, and fast lab testing for all types of diseases and infections, including gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, and chlamydia. You will not have to spend long hours waiting for your turn as these clinics welcome walk-in patients. It is possible to get even faster service by using online portals to book a prior appointment.

If your sexual health is compromised due to a sexually transmitted disease, you must immediately seek medical assistance for an early cure. Untreated STDs lead to transfer of infection to others and can also land the patient in serious trouble due to medical complications.

High risk individuals for STDs

A sexually transmitted infection such as syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, chlamydia, and HIV can catch anyone who is not practicing safe sex or is using common syringes for the administration of drugs.

Hepatitis is a viral infection and can be spread via several modes of transmission, such as unsafe sex. Since this infection is not noticed due to a lack of symptoms during the early stages, it is better to get tested before it is too late. The emergence of warts around the genital area is known as HPV infection which is also common in people who do not exercise any safety precaution during sexual intercourse.

Some STDs can lead to very serious health hazards that can haunt the patient for years. Syphilis infection is spread through direct contact of the wounds while having unprotected sex. The use of condom is a must to prevent the chances of contacting most STDs, including syphilis or gonorrhea.

Symptoms and signs of syphilis in men VA do not appear immediately after the onset of infection but the patient can transmit the pathogen to his partner without knowing that he is a carrier of an STD.


It is sensible to plan an immediate visit to an established urgent care STD testing clinic if you suspect that you may have contracted an STI or STD. This will not only help you get diagnosed and cured faster but will also arrest the further spread of the disease if you are found positive.

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