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Comprehensive STD Panel (Male)

  • Private And Confidential Testing For All Major STDs and STIs
  • No Appointment Needed. Just Walk In During Extended Clinic Hours
  • Metro Accessible Clinic Open All 7 Days
  • Same Day Consultation and Treatment Available (For An Additional Fee)

Comprehensive STD Panel (Male)

If for any reason you think you might have contracted a sexually-transmitted disease (STD), you must not sit around for the symptoms to appear. Many of the most common STDs in America have few if any symptoms visible to the carrier. Furthermore, individuals carrying an STD are at an increased risk for contracting multiple STDs.

It’s therefore advisable to get yourself tested if you have any suspicions. STD Express Clinic offers you a complete set of tests for the most common STDs.

Comprehensive STD Panel (Male) includes:

  • Herpes I & II
  • Gonorrhea
  • Chlamydia
  • Syphilis
  • HIV I & II
  • Hepatitis B and C

Reasons to choose the STD Express Clinic:

  • All tests are conducted in a safe and secure facility that is well equipped with the latest equipment and technologies to ensure that the test results are completely accurate.
  • There’s no need to schedule an appointment, and you can walk into the clinic during extended clinic hours to get the tests done.
  • All the tests can be taken at the same location, and there is no need to drive around unnecessarily for testing and treatment. Moreover, the test results are always kept discreet.
  • The tests are carried out by professionals and the results are available within 1-2 business days and some test results may even be available the same day. Same day treatment option is also available at an additional cost.

STD Testing & Treatment

No Appointment Necessary. Just Walk In During Extended Clinic Hours

Potential exposure to STD is enough reason for you to get a comprehensive STD test. This will reduce the risk of spreading them to other partners. None of the tests are painful or uncomfortable, and they don’t even require you to miss work.

You can simple walk in to STD Express Clinic at your convenience any day of the week since our clinic is open on Saturdays and Sundays as well, and the quicker you complete the tests, the quicker you can get back to living a fulfilled and healthy life.

STD Testing & Treatment

Private And Confidential Testing For All Major STDs and STIs

No Insurance Needed

All testing and treatment services on STD Express Clinic are offered on self pay basis. We do not accept any insurance for these services.

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