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General Health Lab Testing

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Regardless of whether you’re a heath nut or pretty casual about health issues, it’s better to get checked for overall general health at regular intervals to rule out the presence of any illness or health issues in your body. If you are feeling less than fit and have to deal with various health shortcomings from time to time, a general health lab test is highly recommended.

STD Express Clinic provides affordable, general health lab testing involving routine tests to detect any underlying medical condition, nutrient deficiencies, etc.

What Does General Lab Test Involve

A general health lab test from STD Express Clinic involves taking blood and urine samples. Our expert physicians will do the blood draw using the prescribed procedure for collecting and storing. Our state-of-the-art laboratory will quickly produce a profile of your health, such as cholesterol levels, blood lipid profile, or the presence of any infections.

If any special pre-test preparation is needed, the physician will inform well in advance. Make sure that the instructions are followed carefully as there is a possibility that non-compliance may influence or adversely affect test results.

General lab tests can help prevent various types of illnesses and diseases. It is a proactive way of managing your health. The lab tests will provide the clinic physicians a lead on what line of treatment would be best specifically for your condition.

Why You Need Regular Lab Tests

When you know the results of your lab tests, you’ll be in a position to make informed decisions. This can be vital for your future and can boost the quality of your life and that of your loved ones too. You might have to provide answers to a number of questions asked by the physician and the lab professionals to evaluate the results and make the next crucial moves.

STD Express Clinic ensures that the results are provided in the quickest possible time and in a format that does not require any special skills to understand. The normal, positive and negative ranges are mentioned in the evaluation reports so that even a layman can understand at a glance if they have any illness or health problem brewing up.

General Health Lab Testing

No Appointment Necessary. Just Walk In During Extended Clinic Hours

How Are Results Delivered

When it comes to the collection of results, you can choose to pick them up at an appointed time or get it via email or phone. When it comes to delivering lab test results, we follow the stated guidelines of confidentiality and security. Unless there is written consent from the patient, they are not allowed to provide a copy of the results to any third party.

You Can Consult In-House Physicians

Our in-house physicians are ready to assist if you need any help with the results and diagnosis of your health condition. They also provide treatment options for almost all types of illnesses. However, you are at liberty to take the reports to your family physician or any other doctor of your choice for further analysis and treatment.

STD Express Clinic is one of the leading testing labs in Arlington, VA area offering quick and confidential testing for various types of illnesses including sexually transmitted diseases. The advanced lab offers comprehensive testing on the most advanced equipment. The lab operates on all days of the week and works extended hours for the convenience of their patients. Same day testing and treatment is also available.

General Health Lab Testing

Same Day Doctor Consultation Available At Additional Cost

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