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HIV-1 and HIV- 2 Test

  • Private And Confidential Testing
  • No Appointment Needed. Just Walk In During Extended Clinic Hours
  • Metro Accessible Clinic Open All 7 Days

STD Express Clinic offers rapid and discreet HIV 1 and HIV 2 testing through a simple, and convenient process. We understand the concerns and the distressing times our patients have to go through when they suspect of having contracted an HIV infection. At STD Express Clinic, we take care to make the experience as convenient as possible.

Get Tested For HIV 1 and HIV 2 Discreetly

Do you suspect that you have an HIV infection? Visit our clinic or contact our doctor on the phone to get the right advice. The best way to confirm or rule out an HIV infection is to get HIV 1 and HIV 2 Antibody Test done. It is a simple and quick process that involves providing a blood sample which is tested in our advanced lab using the latest STD testing processes and diagnostics.

Why It Is Better To Get Tested For HIV 1 And HIV 2 At STD Express Clinic?

  • Testing is quick and confidential
  • Our HIV Antibody/Antigen testing process is FDA-approved
  • We provide results discreetly in one or two days
  • Those who test positive can consult our doctor and get the right treatment

Visit STD Express Clinic now or call us to know more about our HIV 1 and HIV 2 testing facilities.

STD Express Clinic offers comprehensive and advanced HIV-1 and HIV-2 testing at its sophisticated testing center. The clinic offers reliable test facilities with privacy.

HIV Testing & Treatment

No Appointment Needed. Just Walk In During Extended Clinic Hours

Post Exposure HIV Prophylaxis

If you think you’ve been exposed to, or put at risk for contracting, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) you should seek immediate treatment with antiretroviral medication. This HIV treatment is available at STD Express Clinic. This HIV treatment consists of 4 weeks of a medication called PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis).

If started quickly enough after exposure, PEP can stop the virus from replicating in your body. The cells originally infected with HIV will die naturally within a short period of time, preventing the infection from gaining an opportunity to spread and reducing the chance you’ll carry HIV forward into the rest of your life.

If you’re curious about any symptoms you might be having, or if you’re worried you may have contracted an STD, simply visit STD Express Clinic.

Pre-Exposure HIV Prophylaxis

PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and is a treatment for protection from HIV infections for those who are HIV-negative. It is recommended for those individuals who are at a high risk of contracting HIV because of their unsafe sexual practices and preferences.

What can put you at a high risk of getting HIV?

  • If you are indulging in sex without a condom
  • If your partner is HIV positive and you are planning to have a child
  • If you have been using or have shared needles for drug-related injections in the past 6 months

PrEP can also help high risk for HIV mothers and their babies avoid getting HIV infection. PrEP Treatment package includes HIV1 and HIV2 Test, Preliminary Lab tests if necessary and 30-day prescription. We offer this package at $250.

STD Express Clinic offers comprehensive Pre-Exposure HIV Prophylaxis for patients at high risk of getting an HIV infection. Our treatment facilities and processes are highly reliable and private.

STD Testing & Treatment

Private And Confidential Testing For All Major STDs and STIs

No Insurance Needed

All testing and treatment services on STD Express Clinic are offered on self pay basis. We do not accept any insurance for these services.

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