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PrEP Exposure HIV Prophylaxis

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In many ways, PrEP is similar to a birth control pill, as it’s recommended for those entering a period where they know they’ll be having unprotected sex with men or women. The PrEP pill is taken every single day, and reduces the chance of HIV infection by 91% according to and the CDC.

PrEP is recommended for those who are most at risk of contracting HIV. These individuals could include:

  • Men (cis or trans) that have sex with other men and sometimes don’t use a condom
  • An HIV-negative individual whose partner is HIV positive but has not yet achieved an undetectable viral load and you don’t always use a condom
  • Women who wish to have children with a partner who is HIV positive
  • Sexually promiscuous young people who don’t always use condoms
  • Partners within a non-monogamous relationship, where both partners occasionally seek sexual activity outside their relationship

STD Express Clinic offers fast and discreet testing for HIV which is always necessary before receiving a PrEP prescription.

Is PrEP A Vaccine?

A vaccine teaches your body how to fight off certain infections over many years, but PrEP does not work this way. The way it works is that if you take PrEP daily, the presence of the medicine within the pill that’s circulating in your bloodstream can often stop HIV from taking hold and spreading in your body. If you do not take PrEP every day, the levels of the drug in your bloodstream might not be sufficient to stopping the virus

STD Express Clinic offers fast and discreet testing for HIV which is always necessary before receiving a PrEP prescription. PrEP Treatment package includes HIV1 and HIV2 Test, Preliminary Lab tests if necessary and 30-day prescription. We offer this package at $250.

HIV Testing And Treatment

Have You Been Exposed To HIV Recently? Get Tested At STD Express Clinic Immediately

Does PrEP Protect Against Other STDs?

PrEP does not protect against other STIs like chlamydia, gonorrhea, or herpes and even those who take PrEP daily should still regularly test for other STIs especially if they are having lots of sex with different partners and don’t always use protection.

For preventing HIV alone, PrEP works best when taken daily.

Should I Take PrEP Daily Or Only Before Sex?

PrEP is designed to be taken daily. When done so, it can reduce your chance of contracting HIV by 91%. Often, sexual encounters are unexpected or spontaneous, and so taking PrEP daily helps with preventing HIV infections without requiring to predict or plan specific periods of sexual activity.

When used correctly however, “on-demand” PrEP can work as well as daily PrEP for reducing HIV risk. On-demand PrEP could be more appealing to those who are worried about side effects of taking the drug daily, or if you know for a fact you have a period of sexual activity in the near future.

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