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Doubtful You Have Chlamydia? A Screening Test Is the Way to Go

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Doubtful You Have Chlamydia? A Screening Test Is the Way to Go

Considering the fact that it is one of the most common STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) prevalent in the US, you will probably have heard the term ‘chlamydia’. However, you may still have no idea about what it really is, what causes it, how to identify the symptoms, and what the available treatment options are.

Awareness is key to preventing the spread of STDs. When people are better informed of their chances of contracting STDs, they will pay more attention to any visible symptoms and be less hesitant about going in for an STD screening.

So, here is all you must know about chlamydia, its causes, symptoms and treatment.

Causes of chlamydia

The root cause behind this disease is the bacteria known as chlamydia trachomatis. Although sex education classes and STD awareness campaigns always highlight the importance of adequate protection during sexual intercourse, many people still tend to skip this basic and crucial aspect, thereby exposing themselves to the risk of catching STDs.

The cause of chlamydia is no different. It generally spreads when an affected person engages in unprotected sex – oral, vaginal or anal – with another person. Vaginal fluids or semen from the infected person are responsible for transmitting the bacteria. For this reason, even in the absence of sex, an affected person may transmit the disease if there has been genital contact. If you have been in such situations, it would be wise to take a Virginia Chlamydia screening test at an urgent care clinic in your neighborhood.

Do my symptoms point to chlamydia?

Studies show that chlamydia is more prevalent among young women than in men. While many people may be completely asymptomatic or exhibit mild symptoms that may not be taken seriously, others experience noticeable symptoms that include:

  • Intense pain while urinating
  • Unusual and foul smelling discharge from the penis for men and vaginal discharge in women
  • Fever accompanied by abdominal pain
  • Extreme pain during sexual intercourse
  • Unexplained bleeding even when one does not have periods
  • Severe burning sensation or itching around the vagina or penis
  • Testicular swelling and pain in men

Remember that symptoms can differ from one person to another. The only way to be sure is to walk in for Virginia Chlamydia screening testat your nearest urgent care clinic. You only need to provide a urine sample or a swab from your genital area to perform the necessary screening test.

Treatment options

Chlamydia is easy to treat and totally curable. If you test positive, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics to clear the bacterial infection. If you follow the treatment plan, you will most likely be free of the disease in a week or so. The healthcare professional may also suggest that you inform your partner/s about your diagnosis so that they too can get tested and seek treatment if necessary.

Remember that choosing not to go in for Arlington chlamydia screening and failing to treat this infection can result in serious health issues in future. It can lead to fertility issues in both men and women. It can also increase the risk of affected women giving birth to stillborn babies. Why risk your health and future when a simple STD test can resolve the disease? Get tested today!

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