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ED Test and Treatment

  • Private and Discreet ED Testing and Treatment
  • Physical Examinations By Qualified Doctor
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  • No Appointment Necessary. Just Walk In During Extended Clinic Hours

Adult males finding it difficult to maintain a firm erection of the penis and which affects their ability to indulge in normal sexual intercourse are considered to suffer from erectile dysfunction. It is normal for most men to experience some difficulty in maintaining the firmness of their penis occasionally. However, if this becomes a regular occurrence and prevents satisfactory sexual performance then the condition can be diagnosed as erectile dysfunction.

What Causes ED?

ED is primarily caused by medical reasons but in some individuals, the cause can be psychological also. The key medical reasons for ED are a poor flow of blood to the male organ and some hormonal issues. Medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart-related ailments, damaged nerves and arteries, and obesity can result in ED. Persons who are habituated to alcohol consumption and tobacco products are more likely to suffer from ED. Poor physical fitness caused by lack of exercise may also result in ED in some individuals.

Some of the psychological reasons that may cause ED are:

  • Stressful conditions at work
  • Emotional distress or relationship issues
  • Anxiety and depression

STD Express Clinic offer ED tests and treatment without requiring an appointment, starting by offering various types of tests to determine the underlying cause. The tests will involve answering queries related to your medical history and other personal information that the doctor might deem necessary to arrive at a conclusion and recommend a treatment. Patients with chronic health issues might have to submit themselves to more tests and consultations.

ED Test and Treatment

No Appointment Necessary. Just Walk In During Extended Clinic Hours

Symptoms of ED

Male sexual arousal is a complicated process that involves hormones, nerves, blood vessels, and muscles. When any of these are not in sync, it can cause dysfunction. It is important to note that good physical, as well as mental health, is necessary for achieving and maintaining an erection. Some of the main symptoms that point towards ED are:

  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Inability to achieve an erection
  • Erection becomes flaccid quickly during sexual intercourse

You do not have to make an appointment. Simply walk-in during extended clinic hours and put your ED concerns to rest.

It is important to understand that most males have occasional and intermittent erection issues. It does not necessarily point to erectile dysfunction. However, if the problem persists and is making you more stressed and nervous, it is better to get it addressed by visiting a testing center.

Sexual intensity and responses can slow down because of minor health problems. However, the anxiety accompanied by poor sexual performance can worsen the condition.

STD Express Clinic offers a comprehensive range of tests for patients suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. The clinic offers same-day ED testing and treatment. You can visit STD Express Clinic during extended working hours 7 days a week for testing and treatment for ED.

ED Test And Treatment

No Appointment Necessary. Just Walk In During Extended Clinic Hours

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