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5 Signs of Syphilis in Men: Watch Out for Them!

5 Signs of Syphilis in Men: Watch Out for Them!

It sometimes gets tricky to know whether you carry a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Most STIs produce no symptoms. A few others produce symptoms that are deceptive. For example, skin rash, flu and fever, fatigue, and others. People usually think these are common ailments and take treatment for them. So, in a way, they treat the symptoms, but fail to treat the real cause, which can be STI.

However, a few infections like syphilis produce symptoms that are obvious. For example, pain during sex, abnormal itching at the genital area, abnormal discharge from vagina, and others. Signs of syphilis in men, according to VA doctors, include burning and pain during urination, discharge from penis, discomfort at the lower abdominal area, itching at the genital area.

What medical experts say

You must not ignore such symptoms. They clearly indicate you might have an infection. A little knowledge and awareness about signs and symptom of syphilis and other diseases can help you take timely treatment.

Here are a few signs and symptoms that men must know:

  1. Discharge from penis:

Healthy men do not get any discharge from the penis, except urine and semen. So, if you notice penial discharge other than the two mentioned here, please sit up and take notice. Better to walk in your nearest VA clinic and consult a doctor. It could be a sexually transmitted infection.

Abnormal discharge could be cloudy, and white, greenish, or yellowish in color. Sometimes, it can be cheesy or foul-smelling.

The first thing to do is stop having sex with your partner. Next, undergo a test. Then, take appropriate treatment.

After examining signs of syphilis in men, VA doctors prescribe a course of antibiotics. Bacterial infections such as syphilis are curable and you need not panic in case you are infected. The only thing you must take care about is immediate action after noticing the symptoms, such as penial discharge.

  1. Constant and excess itching at the genital area

A little itching occasionally is nothing to worry about. It could be due to sweating or some allergy due to clothing. However, if the itching persists and the urge increases, you must consult a doctor.

This can be one of the signs and symptoms of syphilis, say VA doctors. Timely test and treatment can cure the infection easily and save you from further complications.

  1. Pain and burning while urinating

If you feel a burning sensation or pain during urination, it is a clear sign that something is wrong down there. In women, this sign may also indicate urinary tract infection. In men, this is generally a sign of syphilis. Ignoring this symptom is not a good idea. Please walk in your nearest STD clinic and consult a doctor.

  1. Painless sore on the penis

This is a characteristic symptom of syphilis. The sore is painless and may go away by itself. This is how most people get deceived by the sore. The sore heals, but the infection stays. So, it is better to undergo a test at your nearest clinic and take treatment for the infection.

Men who have sex with men may get sores at the rectal area. You may also get them in the mouth.

  1. Constant tiredness, headaches, muscle aches

These are common malaises and people hardly think of them to be signs of syphilis in men, say VA doctors. However, if these symptoms are accompanied by any of the above mentioned symptom, then you must immediately consult a doctor.

Moreover, if you have had sex without condom, then you must be alert of these symptoms even if they are not accompanied by sore or penial discharge.

Catch hold of the symptoms; take charge of your health.

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