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Things to Know About Chlamydia Screening and Treatment

Things to Know About Chlamydia Screening and Treatment

Screening of chlamydia is simple. A urine sample is what your doctor needs to detect the presence of chlamydia bacteria in your body. This is no life threatening disease, especially when treated on time. In fact, this bacterial STD is perfectly curable through a dose of antibiotics.

However, the problem arises when people fail to seek treatment on time. Untreated chlamydia can be devastating to health.

In Arlington, chlamydia screening is easily available at your nearest STD clinic. So, you shouldn’t have a problem undergoing a test and treatment. The best part is that the clinic allows people to undergo test and do the billing anonymously. This can save you from the usual awkwardness associated with STDs.

Who needs chlamydia screening?

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends screening for chlamydia to anybody experiencing symptoms. You must also discuss this with your doctor, if you are unsure whether you need a test or are doubtful about exposure.

The following groups of people require screening more often than other people:

  1. Sexually active women below 25 years of age:

Medical experts have observed that women of this age group display the highest rate of chlamydia infection. It is recommended that you undergo an annual screening. Also, get tested whenever you have a new sex partner.

  1. People with high-risk sexual behaviors:

Men and women with multiple sex partners must undergo frequent chlamydia tests. Men who have sex with men and people who indulge in casual sex often need to be alert about symptoms and undergo regular screening. If you have had sex with a person who was already infected, you must visit STD clinic in Virginia for chlamydia screening test.

  1. Pregnant women:

Doctors recommend testing during the first prenatal exam. If you are at high risk, you must undergo a test again in the later stage of pregnancy. Please do not indulge in sex with a new partner during pregnancy, as it puts you to a higher risk of contracting chlamydia and other STDs. Remember, if you are infected, you pass on the infection to your baby, which can become seriously ill right from birth. It is also important that your partner undergoes a test too. This is because even if you come out negative in test results, if your partner is positive, he can infect you.

Undergoing chlamydia test

It is easy to undergo chlamydia test thanks to STD clinics in Arlington offering chlamydia screening. You simply need to walk in the clinic and ask for a test. No prior appointment is required.

With a convenient facility available near you, it would be a shame to miss testing. After all, it is for the sake of your own health and the health of your partner. When both of you are healthy, you are bound to have healthy babies.

Be proactive, be safe

Remember, untreated sexually transmitted infections can often turn into horrible health disasters later. They spread to other vital organs in the body. They can render you permanently infertile and create irreparable damage to other organs.

Even the slightest doubt about infection should make you walk inside the nearby clinic for a test. Discreet testing lets you undergo screening in a comfortable manner. You can also talk with the doctor without hesitation.

Treating chlamydia

In Virginia, chlamydia screening test and treatment is done on the same day. Doctors usually treat this disease through a course of antibiotics. Please take the medication as per the doctor’s instructions for complete cure. Refrain from sex during treatment. In fact, you must resume sexual activity only when it is confirmed you are cured. This is done through a re-test.

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