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A Few Tips on How People Living With HIV Can Prevent Getting Infected By Covid-19

HIV screening in Arlington

A Few Tips on How People Living With HIV Can Prevent Getting Infected By Covid-19

Statistics say more around 1.2 million people in the United States are living with HIV today.

The sad part is one in seven do not know they have it.

They need to be tested, because untreated HIV can be disastrous.

Last year, in October, the Governor of New York announced that New York is on right track to meet its objective to end the epidemic in the state by 2020.

Why this optimism?

The strategy to aggressively identify, locate, and treat people with the aim to reduce infection is probably working.

But the present Covid-19 pandemic has brought about tough challenges.

There is panic and anxiety among long term HIV survivors.

They feel they are highly vulnerable to corona virus infection because of their severely compromised immune systems.

It is true HIV has not yet been fully subjugated, but treatments and medications have substantially reduced its impact to such an extent that Americans are forgetting the fright and pain of three decades ago.

Yet, the fact remains corona virus is killing people whose innate immune system has weakened immensely due to various reasons including HIV.

This does not mean we must play down the importance of HIV.

HIV is an avoidable disease.

Effective preventive interventions have worked to reduce the transmission.

HIV screening in Arlington is not difficult.

If you get tested for HIV and get a positive result you can make significant behavioral transformations not only to improve your health but also to prevent the chances of transmission to your close ones.

Keep in mind that we are in an era of increasingly effective treatments for HIV.

People with HIV are living longer and healthier lives.

If you are still wondering how to get tested for HIV in Arlington, there is no any need to worry.

There are labs that offer 100% confidential testing.

Testing takes just a few minutes and you get results within a couple of days.

The process is simple

  • You order test online after choosing from one of the test panels.
  • Most labs offer comprehensive tests including a multi-test panel that will test for all major sexually transmitted infections.
  • Get tested in a lab convenient for you.
  • If tested positive, you can speak with a doctor who may prescribe an appropriate treatment or refer you to a specialist.

New evidence suggests that people living with HIV but on effective Anti-Retroviral treatment (ART) are not necessarily at higher risk of getting Covid-19.

Risk is higher only for those people living with HIV but not on any treatment.

The advice for people living with HIV to prevent Covid-19 is same as for everyone else.

  • Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from other people.
  • Wash hands frequently as per protocol.
  • Avoid people who are unwell.

A doctor who performs HIV screening in Arlington further adds, “All people with HIV must stock up on their antiretroviral treatment for at least one month and ensure their vaccinations are up to date”.

To stay mentally healthy, they must keep in touch with people remotely or video chat so that they feel socially connected.

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