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Discreet and Stress-free HIV testing near me for Prompt Relief from Symptoms

Discreet and Stress-free HIV testing near me for Prompt Relief from Symptoms

With over a million individuals in the US having HIV, several people are unaware of their HIV infection. According to one estimate, over 13 percent of these people have an undiagnosed HIV infection. It explains the need for mandatory HIV screening for all individuals between 15 and 65.

One should search for hassle free HIV testing near me for discreet testing and consultation. Ideally, HIV screening must be a standard routine to detect the infection in the early stages. Keep reading to discover the importance of HIV screening and the symptoms of HIV in women.

What should you know about HIV?

An infection is a condition that transmits from one person to another through different routes, like human contact, air, water, food, or blood. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) like gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV require a healthy person to have sexual intercourse with an infected person for transmission.

The term HIV refers to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus that is responsible for the infection. It spreads to healthy persons because of exposure to infected blood, saliva, genital secretions, and other body secretions. Unprotected or unnatural sex has the potential to spread HIV infection with the exchange of body fluids.

HIV infection destroys the body’s immunity, exposing an infected person to several opportunistic infections because of weak defenses. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is the final and the most severe stage of HIV infection. HIV-infected individuals may not know about the infection unless they approach an HIV testing facility because HIV infection does not produce symptoms during its early stages.

It is hard to diagnose HIV without considering stress free HIV testing near me because the symptoms appear in later stages, and these are vague. An early diagnosis helps minimize the risk of the HIV infection progressing to the severe stage of AIDS. A physician plans an antiretroviral regimen to keep the symptoms at bay following an early diagnosis.

HIV symptoms

According to reputed physicians at STD Testing Arlington, early signs of HIV in women and men are not usually noticeable because it may take years for the signs of HIV to appear. You can prolong the appearance of HIV symptoms by taking appropriate medicines following testing and consultation at a reputed STD testing center. People who indulge in casual or unprotected sex with multiple partners or those sharing needles must consider HIV testing periodically.

Some people experience slight fever and body aches after an HIV infection. They may neglect the symptoms because these are identical to the flu symptoms. The initial symptoms disappear after a couple of days and the person feels normal. The symptom-free period may extend up to several years.

The person has the potential to spread the infection to others during the initial stage and the symptom-free period. The spread of the disease because of ignorance about the virus’s presence in the body is the most dreadful aspect of HIV infection. The transmittable period of HIV causes the unabated spread of the disease, as the blood has vast amounts of Human Immunodeficiency Viruses.

Importance of HIV testing

HIV testing can help stop the spread of the disease as the person takes necessary preventive measures if the test confirms the presence of HIV infection. Physicians help arrest the infection from progressing to the severe stage of AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) by recommending medicines. Timely HIV testing and consultation help start medication early and prevent further complications.

Most HIV symptoms are perplexing, as these are common for several conditions. Besides, symptoms of HIV can be because of the infections that occur following the weak immunity of the person. One can confirm the presence or absence of HIV with worry free HIV testing near me. Same-day STD testing and consultation facilities promise discreet HIV testing to ensure seamless confidentiality.

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