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Discreet and Stress-free HIV testing near me for Prompt Relief from Symptoms

With over a million individuals in the US having HIV, several people are unaware of their HIV infection. According to one estimate, over 13 percent of these people have an undiagnosed HIV infection. It explains the need for mandatory HIV screening for all individuals between 15 and 65. One should search for hassle free HIV testing near me for discreet testing and consultation. Ideally, HIV screening must be a standard routine...

free hiv testing near me

A Short Guide to HIV/AIDS & Why You Must Undergo HIV Testing

In 2020, the novel Coronavirus attacked the world, killing millions. Go back to 1981, the novel retrovirus attacked a major part of the world, killing millions. A popular gay newspaper screamed, “an exotic new disease.” Today, we know it as HIV/AIDS. WHO had declared it a global epidemic in 1981. There was no name for it then. The press named it GRID (Gay-Related Immune Deficiency), as it seemed to attack only the...