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Get Tested for HIV Even If You Are in Monogamous Relationship!

Get Tested for HIV Even If You Are in Monogamous Relationship!

Everybody knows about HIV, but nobody wants to talk about it. People think this is a disease that happens only to others; it can’t happen to them. You will be shocked to know that HIV-infected people are all around you! Some know they are infected; some don’t.

Do you know how to get tested for HIV in Arlington?

Your nearest STD clinic offers HIV testing. It also gives you the option of keeping your identity confidential.

Do I need a test?

If you are somebody who is lax in practicing safe sex, then you are at a high risk of contracting this dreaded disease. People who usually have sex under the influence of alcohol and drugs are also at risk. They, in their inebriated state, hardly care about a person’s sexual history and health. All they want is to get physically intimate with them. In the heat of the moment, people forget all about the prevalent sexually transmitted diseases and the risk they are taking.

Having sex with unknown people is risky, say doctors. You don’t know their sexual behaviors. You don’t know whether they are infected or healthy. You can easily get an infection from them.

When you are infected you spread the infection to your spouse. If you are a lady, then you can spread the infection to your baby too when you get pregnant and deliver it vaginally. Certain infections spread even in the womb.

This is like a nightmare. The only way to stay out of it is to undergo regular test. This will help you detect the infection at the earliest stage. You can start treatment immediately.

How testing helps

As you get tested for HIV in Arlington, you know your sexual health status. Suppose you are infected. You can immediately stop having sex to prevent the spread of infection.

The doctor will put you on a treatment as fast as possible. Once your viral load comes down, you can resume your sexual activity. This can save your partner from getting infected.

In a way, this is a responsible thing to do. You not only save your life, but also save your partner’s life.

Having HIV is not the end of life. Leaving HIV untreated is.

HIV and monogamy

You may be in a monogamous relationship at present. But if you had unprotected sex before marriage, then you must get tested for HIV in Arlington. This is because, as per doctors, HIV can stay in the body for decades.

“It (HIV) never goes away. It stays inside you for life,” says one of the doctors at the Arlington STD clinic.

Suppose you had unprotected sex with somebody when you were a teen. Today, you are 35 and leading a happy married life. This does not make you completely safe. That one event of unprotected sex during your teenage year may have infected you.

“In this case, the best thing you could have done is getting tested before marriage,” remarks a doctor at the clinic. “Now, you already have sex with your spouse. If you are infected, he/she may be infected too, in spite of the fact that you both are monogamous.”

However, it’s not too late. You can still visit the clinic with your spouse and both undergo a test. Know how to get tested for HIV in Arlington and ensure your sexual health.

The clinic is open all days of the week. It also operates on holidays and extended hours. This makes it convenient for busy people. Walk in the clinic and ask for a test. No appointment or doctor’s prescription is required. Get tested for HIV and be confident about your sexual health.

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