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STD Check at Home & What Happens When Don’t Treat STDs?

STD Check at Home & What Happens When Don’t Treat STDs?

If you are in Arlington, you can easily order a home kit for STD testing. This is available through the nearest urgent care clinic. The kit helps you to undergo a test within the privacy and the comfort of your home.

Although the clinic has a comfortable ambience and the staff makes sure patients are at ease, yet there is no match for a home. Many people feel uncomfortable visiting the clinic and asking for STD check. STDs come with social stigma. It is not easy to talk about them. That’s one of the reasons, in Arlington, at home STD check kit is available.

Testing is inevitable in today’s times

You cannot stay aloof of your sexual health. The growing prevalence of STD around the world has made it inevitable for all sexually active people to undergo a test once in a while. In other words, unless you have been practicing celibacy whole life, you must undergo STD testing.

About home STD check kit

Home kit comes with all the instructions needed to undergo safe and correct testing at home. Ensure your hands are clean before you handle the equipment. Whether it is a urine sample or a swab sample to be collected, you must be prompt in collection and packaging. Do not leave the sample lying around.

Package it properly and mail it as fast as possible.

The home kit arrives in discreet packaging so that you feel no embarrassment. Similarly, you can call the clinic and know your test result, if you don’t wish to visit the place.

However, if your test results are positive, then you must visit the clinic to receive appropriate treatment.

Testing at the clinic

Those who wish to visit the clinic can hop in any day of the week. In Arlington, quick STD test is available at a reasonable rate. It takes just 10 minutes. Testing and treatment are available on the same day.

If you are unsure what test to undergo, you can consult an in-house doctor.

Testing for couples

It is good to bring your partner along so that both of you undergo the test. This will ensure both of you are healthy and can lead a fulfilling sexual life. Without a test, you would not know whether your partner is infected or healthy. In this case, even if you are healthy, you can get infected.

Common STDs you should be wary of

Beware of gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, HIV, HPV, herpes, hepatitis, and trichomoniasis. More STDs exist, but these are some of the commonest ones, say doctors.

What happens when STDs are not treated?

STDs, when left untreated, can cause serious health complications throughout the body. So, do not think that STDs are limited to only the reproductive organs. This is one of the common misconceptions. Bacteria and viruses can travel across your body, even upto the brain.

Untreated STDs can leave you infertile, damage your liver, kidneys, heart, nervous system, the brain, can make you blind, can lead to dementia, and can prove to be fatal. They can do horrible things to your body.

Ladies and gentlemen, do not live with STD infection. Treat it now.


Thanks to advancement in medical technology, facilities are available for home testing and for on-site (clinic) testing. Also, today, doctors can treat most of the STDs. Those that cannot be treated can be managed well.

With the cooperation of the doctor and the patient, the infection can be kept in check or can be cured completely.

But it all starts with a test. In Arlington, at home STD check facility is available. In just a few clicks, you can order your home kit and undergo a test. The kits are reasonable. Your health is priceless.

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