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Living with HIV & Importance of Timely Test and Treatment

Living with HIV & Importance of Timely Test and Treatment

If you believe you are exposed to HIV, then you must get tested. Please do not assume you are fine. HIV can stay in the body for decades, not necessarily producing symptoms. Gradually, the infection progresses to AIDS, which can be fatal.

Testing in the clinic

You can walk in your nearest STD clinic in Arlington and ask for a test. Clinics take care of the patients’ privacy, so they keep their identity confidential. This gives patients a discreet environment to undergo a test and/or consult a doctor. In case you come out positive in test results, you receive treatment on the same day.

This is a great opportunity to get tested for HIV in Arlington without letting the world know about it. Your name won’t be in the medical records when you do the billing anonymously. This does not, in any way, affect the quality of treatment and the medical care provided by the staff at the clinic.

HIV is not life threatening….in the early stage

People wrongly think that HIV means the end of the world (and life) for the patient. With modern medical care, HIV patients can live a healthier life. The only thing to take care about is to not let HIV turn into AIDS.

This can be done through timely treatment; and for that, you must undergo a test at the earliest.

Only a test can determine whether you are infected, say doctors. In case you are tested, the doctor starts ART immediately. Visit an urgent care clinic for STD testing.


ART is antiretroviral therapy, which has proved to be an effective treatment for HIV. Although this is no cure for the infection, but it can, to a great extent, help a patient live longer and healthier life.

ART suppresses the viral load in blood. This makes the patient non-infectious. When you reach this stage, you can lead a normal life, including indulging in sexual activity.

Having sex while being HIV+

You must be careful and use protective measures while having sex with an unknown partner. Condoms, as studies reveal, are an effective measure to prevent HIV/AIDS.

For couples, if both of you are tested and your partner comes out negative in test results, you can safely have sex with him/her despite being HIV+. The only condition is: your viral load must be “200 copies/ml of blood” as recommended by doctors. This is the level that makes you non-infectious, according to medical experts.

This does not mean you are cured of HIV. The virus is still in your blood, but is undetectable.

With this viral load, you won’t transmit the virus to your partner even when you have unprotected sex. However, make sure your partner practices monogamy with you.

Get tested for HIV in Arlington

The first step towards sexual health of couples start with a test. One of the major reasons for people not testing for STDs is social stigma. Arlington STD clinic’s discreet testing facility gives you no excuse to ignore testing now.

The absence of scheduling appointments is an added feature of the clinic. You can simply walk in any day of the week (including Sundays) and ask for a test without a doctor’s prescription. You can also consult a doctor on the spot.

Free underground parking is available and the clinic is open on extended hours. This also eliminates the excuse of not having time.

Avail yourself urgent care and STD testing facility at your nearest clinic. Pledge today to lead a healthy sexual life. It’s no sin to be HIV+. It is just another infection. With timely test and treatment, you can manage the disease well and live healthily.

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