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Signs of Syphilis? Be Sure With an STD Test at Your Nearest Urgent Care Clinic

Signs of Syphilis? Be Sure With an STD Test at Your Nearest Urgent Care Clinic

In spite of the tremendous medical advancements across the world, STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) continue to be a cause of major health concern. Syphilis – a bacterial infection – is among the greatest threats that affect considerable number of individuals each year. Although both men and women can become infected with syphilis, studies show that it tends to be more widespread among men.

Today, we will focus on identifying the signs of syphilis in men VA. We will also discuss why it is vital to understand these symptoms, what makes regular screening important and why it is best to choose urgent care clinics for STD/STI testing.

The tell-tale signs of syphilis

Just like most other STIs, syphilis progresses through different stages and each stage features specific signs. Let us explore each of these stages and associated symptoms in detail:

• Primary stage: The primary stage generally lasts for three to six weeks. During this initial stage, one of the first signs you would notice is a painless sore that is medically termed a chancre. Typically, this sore appears on the genitals, around the anus or at he sides of the mouth. Since this is painless, most people prefer to ignore it and may inadvertently pass on the infection to their partner/s.
• Secondary stage: As the infection progresses to the secondary stage, the signs of syphilis in men VA tend to become more evident. Affected individuals may note a rash that usually spreads to the entire body. The rash may even cover the soles of the feet and the palms.

Other notable symptoms consist of fever, sore throat, body pain, fatigue and swollen lymph nodes. In most people, these symptoms may persist in varying degrees for many weeks or months. Rather than getting tested, affected individuals usually dismiss these symptoms as an extended bout of flu.

• Tertiary stage: In case the infection still remains undetected, it progresses to the tertiary stage in which the symptoms disappear and the infection switches to a dormant mode. In fact, the infection may remain dormant for years, leading affected individuals to assume that the infection somehow cleared on its own.

However, the signs and symptoms of syphilis VA begin to get worse from here. In the absence of treatment, syphilis can cause serious damage to multiple organs including the brain, heart, bones and nerves. As the situation further deteriorates, it may cause debilitating conditions and even death.

Significance of regular testing in urgent care clinics

If you are a sexually active man, make sure that you go in for regular STD/STI testing even if you do not experience any signs of syphilis in men VA. In addition to helping detect infections at the early stages and ensuring prompt treatment, regular screening is an effective method to check the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Testing for syphilis is easier than you expect. With a blood test designed to detect the presence of certain antibodies, urgent care clinics can offer you precise results within a few hours. Even without booking an appointment, you can walk in for STD screening at your nearest urgent care clinic. The entire procedure will be over within minutes.

Final word

Syphilis is not a diagnosis to be taken lightly. It is a serious STI that demands immediate medical attention and proactive measures for treatment and prevention. Regular screening is one quick and convenient method to stay updated about your sexual health status.

Remember the signs and symptoms of syphilis VA we have discussed in this article and visit your nearest urgent care clinic if you develop any of these symptoms or observe these signs in your partner. With early intervention and treatment, the infection can be effectively managed and affected individuals can get back to their normal lives.

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