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Syphilis Screening – Here’s Why It Is Crucial to Protect Your Health and Others

Syphilis Screening – Here’s Why It Is Crucial to Protect Your Health and Others

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that remains a significant concern in the health sector in spite of widespread awareness drives. If you are sexually active yet not too cautious when it comes to STI screening or using adequate protection methods, there is a chance you might be infected with syphilis.

Today, we will explore the signs of symptoms of syphilis, long-term risks of ignoring the infection and how screening can potentially ensure your well-being and the health of your sexual partners as well.

Understanding the signs and symptoms of syphilis

In most cases, syphilis progresses through several stages that are identifiable by specific symptoms. However, the symptoms can considerably vary from one affected individual to another. While some individuals experience all the distinct signs and symptoms of syphilis VA, others may not experience any unusual symptoms. Here is a look into some of signs and symptoms one can expect across various stages:

Primary stage: This stage is characterized by the appearance of chancre – small, painless sores that mostly affect on the scrotum, penis, anus or around the mouth. Remember that although the sore will subside within a day or two, it is highly contagious. The infection remains dormant in the individual at this stage and can be detected with an STI test at an urgent care clinic.

Secondary stage: Affected individuals may notice skin rashes during this stage. It usually appears on the soles of the feet or palms of the hands as brown or red sores. Other symptoms at this stage include fatigue, fever, sore throat, muscle aches and swollen lymph nodes. These symptoms may appear and subside several times across a few months.

Tertiary stage: If the signs of syphilis in men VA are ignored and left untreated till this stage, the infection in the body can gradually cause damage to multiple organs such as the brain and heart. It can also cause deterioration of nerves and bones. During the final stage of the infection, affected individuals may experience severe and irreversible complications such as blindness, neurological disorders and cardiovascular issues. Ultimately, the infection may also lead to death.

Why is syphilis screening crucial for men?

Although syphilis affects both men and women, studies reveal that the majority of affected individuals are men. Going in for regular screening at your nearest urgent care clinic is the only proven method to detect sexually transmitted diseases or infections in the early stages. This enables patients to seek treatment at the earliest, thereby improving chances of recovery. Access to proper medications at the early stage prevents the infection from progressing to more serious phases.

Ensure optimal sexual health

Testing positive a sexual infection can mean an emotionally traumatizing time for anyone. And perhaps the most difficult part of this experience is revealing the result to sexual partners. Imagine how it would look if you infected a sexual partner with syphilis because you failed to get tested regularly. This is exactly why you must undergo STD screening on a regular basis, especially if you have signs and symptoms of syphilis VA.

In case you test positive, the healthcare providers at the urgent care clinic will offer valuable advice on how to discuss the topic with your sexual partners. They will also get you started on medication as soon as the diagnosis comes through to protect your health and the health of your partners.

Final word

Getting tested at an urgent care clinic takes just a few minutes. Most clinics offer the results of tests on the same day. If you are worried about your privacy, remember that these clinics do not share your personal details and test results with anyone. You can walk right in and get tested at your convenience without booking an appointment or waiting for your turn. So if you have been experiencing the signs of syphilis in men VA, do not hesitate to get tested at your nearest walk in clinic.

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