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Dealing with HIV/AIDS: The Social Stigma and the Danger

Dealing with HIV/AIDS: The Social Stigma and the Danger

HIV/AIDS is one of the most dreadful diseases in the world. Two reasons for this: the infection destroys your immunity and the society destroys you.

The social stigma attached to HIV is so strong, you dare not tell anybody you carry this infection or even that you visited a clinic for a test!

Even if you come out negative in the HIV test, you will still be looked down upon, as if you are some “dirty” mortal with no “values.”

No wonder people prefer to ignore early stage HIV symptoms like rash and continue to live as if nothing happened. This, despite the fact that they know they had unprotected sex and must undergo a test.

However, the virus won’t sympathize with you. It will continue to wreak havoc inside your body system until, one fine day, you are left with almost no immune guard. This leaves you vulnerable to opportunistic infections. It’s like all the world’s viruses are now ready to attack you anywhere, anytime. Scary!

So what to do amidst the social stigma and the danger of virus?

Your health is yours…completely your own. Nobody owns it, not even a part of it. Once you understand this, you would hardly compromise with your health. When a person falls sick, only he or she knows the suffering.

Ideally, you must restrain from having unprotected sex with people.

However, we don’t always live in an ideal manner, do we?

So, if you happened to engage in sexual activity without proper safety measures in place, you must undergo HIV test.

Yes, we know you are cringing at the idea of visiting a place where there will be people around. Your visit may also find a place in medical records. This is embarrassing!

How to get tested for HIV in Arlington then?

Visit your nearest clinic and undergo a test. The clinic offers discreet testing facility. This means you can also do the billing anonymously. No prior appointment and doctor’s prescription is required for the test.

Isn’t this a huge relief?

Importance of timely test

Within 30 minutes you will be out of the clinic with no awkwardness and shame. Testing for HIV is your right, as every person on the Earth has the right to his/her health care. A test ensures your health. It tells you whether you are healthy or infected. If you are infected, a timely test gives you a chance to begin appropriate treatment on time.

According to doctors, you must not wait for early stage HIV symptoms like rash to appear. Why not be more responsible towards your health? When you know you have had unprotected sex with a new partner, you must visit the clinic for a test or consult a doctor. Also take care about the window period. Your doctor will guide you in this respect.

Dealing with HIV

In case you test positive for HIV, do not panic. HIV infection is manageable in the modern world. Arlington STD clinic is known to provide test and treatment on the same day. The doctor would chart out your treatment plan and you can begin it as soon as possible.

Learning that you have HIV infection can be a heart-breaking experience. Yet, with the support of your loved ones and with ART, you can fight this infection and live a normal life.

Sexual health is an integral part of physical and mental health. Ill health affects not only other parts of the body, but also your mind. It can stress you out and also adversely affect your relationship. Once you know how to get tested for HIV in Arlington, you are on the path to healthy living.

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