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Important Things to Know About HIV Symptoms like Rash

Rash is a common sign of HIV. It can happen at the earliest stage (acute stage) or later stage when you are on medication. HIV rash can be purplish or red in color and itchy. It may or may not be painful. It can occur on the hands and the feet, on the face, neck, or upper part of the body. See a doctor without delay You must not ignore early stage...

Tips to Manage HIV/AIDS and Early Stage Symptoms

One of the reasons why people suffer from serious health complications is that they ignore the earliest symptoms of a disease. They think it will go away by itself and continue with their daily activities; and the symptoms really goes away by itself! That’s where the danger lies. According to the doctor, it is the symptom that goes away, not the infection. In most of the cases, sexually transmitted diseases do...

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Experiencing These HIV Symptoms? Get Tested Today

Short for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, HIV is a virus responsible for AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). The virus works by taking over the immune system and using white blood cells to replicate and spread the virus throughout the body. Although the virus is widely classified into HIV 1 and HIV 2, an HIV positive person may carry multiple strains of the virus simultaneously. With the tremendous strides in medical technology, HIV positive...

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HIV Screening At Urgent Care Clinics – The Right Choice To Manage Sexual Health

The number of HIV positive individuals around the world is steadily declining. Even those who have tested positive are able to lead normal lives, thanks to advanced medications that help keep symptoms under control. However, if this trend is to continue, it is integral for people to go in for regular HIV screening tests at urgent care clinics and ensure that they are free of the infection. This is especially...