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Early Stage HIV Symptoms Like Rash: Important Things to Know

Early Stage HIV Symptoms Like Rash: Important Things to Know

When it comes to health you must be alert about symptoms. Sexually active people must be more particular about symptoms because of the rampant sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). STDs are everywhere. You neighbor might be infected. Your friend might be having symptoms. Somebody in your office might be HIV positive. Or, to your horror, your own partner might be infected!

About HIV symptoms

Many STDs are asymptomatic, say doctors. Some produce common symptoms. Early stage HIV symptoms like rash are often overlooked, according to doctors. People think it is a simple case of skin rash. They go to a dermatologist; take treatment; and get healed.

Interestingly, HIV rash can be easily healed by a simple skin treatment. The rash goes away in a couple of weeks. So, who would think this is an early sign of HIV?

But, yes, if you are alert enough to know about HIV symptoms and also know that you once had unprotected sex, then you must wary about the rash. Don’t take it lightly. There is no harm in visiting your nearest clinic and undergoing a simple HIV test. This is done through a blood sample.

Or you could simply consult a doctor at the clinic and let him/her examine the rash.

Recognizing HIV rash

HIV rash is different from other rashes. Rash caused by HIV infection is slightly raised, red in color, and itches a lot. It usually occurs on the upper body, such as chest, shoulders, neck, face, and hands. The severity varies. Dark-skinned people may find purplish rash on their body.

Many people on antiretroviral drugs may also get rash. Doctors call it ‘drug eruptions.’ This is due to the reaction caused in the body by the drugs.

The good thing is that you cannot spread the infection through rash. The bad thing is that you have the virus inside your body. This means you must immediately start treatment.

But this is possible only when you detect early stage HIV symptoms like rash. Again, for this, you need to be proactive and consult a doctor. Only a test can confirm whether you are infected.

Cause of HIV rash

Rash is an indication of a decline in the number of WBC (White Blood Corpuscles) in your body. This means the body is fighting an infection. Generally, rash appears 2-3 weeks after contraction of the virus. Doctors call this stage as seroconversion. At this stage, the virus becomes detectable in the blood. So, it is the best time to undergo a blood test for HIV.

You can easily walk in your nearest clinic and ask for a test. No appointment or doctor’s prescription is needed. The staff would also keep your identity confidential upon request. The test takes just 10 minutes and you can get results quickly.

Beware of these symptoms that may accompany with rash

• Fever
• Pain in muscles
• Sores in the mouth
• Nausea/vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Pain/cramps in the body
• Hazy or blurred vision
• Pain in the joints
• Loss of appetite
• Enlargement of glands

Do not ignore the above symptoms accompanying your skin rash. Consult a doctor immediately.

Doctors’ advice

Delay in treatment of an infection can lead to further health complications, which can be difficult to treat. That’s why it is better to be alert of the first signs of any infection and consult a doctor as soon as possible. Whether it is HIV rash or signs and symptoms of syphilis, VA clinic is equipped to handle them.

Testing and treatment is done on the same day. Walk in the clinic in VA and ensure your health. Remember, an untreated STD can be potentially fatal in the future.

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