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Preparing for Chlamydia Screening Test at Your Nearest Clinic

Preparing for Chlamydia Screening Test at Your Nearest Clinic

The most reliable way to confirm whether you are infected with chlamydia-causing bacteria is to undergo a test. The benefit of timely test is, no doubt, timely treatment. Chlamydia is a curable disease and, if detected on time, the doctor can easily treat it with a course of antibiotics. But if left untreated, it can create health complications later.

In Virginia, chlamydia screening test is available at the nearest STD clinic. You only need to make up your mind to visit the clinic. The rest is done by the qualified doctors and lab assistants there. The first and the most important step is deciding to go for a test. This is where most people falter. And this is how infections spread, say doctors.

Common chlamydia test

NAAT – Nucleic Acid Amplification Test – is the commonest type of test for chlamydia. It gives rapid results. NAAT can detect DNA of the chlamydia-causing bacterium.

A simple urine sample is enough to undergo this test. In some cases, the doctor may collect swab sample from the urethra (in case of men) and from the vagina (in case of women).

Tests are painless. The only thing you may feel is a bit of awkwardness when the doctor asks you to give a swab sample. But that’s okay. When you are at Virginia clinic, chlamydia screening test is a breeze. The staff endeavors to make every patient feel as comfortable as possible. Besides, you can request the staff to keep your identity confidential. This saves you from any embarrassment.

With such a convenient facility available at your nearest clinic in Virginia, is it wise to skip a test and live in uncertainty? What if you are infected? You may spread the infection to your partner. Worse, if you are planning to have a baby, you can transmit the infection to your newborn.

In some cases, doctors may use a cell culture to detect chlamydia. This type of test takes time to give results, as the culture is first grown in lab to detect the presence of bacteria. Usually, doctors use this type of test to detect chlamydia infection in the anus. In some other cases, doctors may use this way of testing to check whether the chlamydia treatment is working.

Preparing for chlamydia screening test

Usually, doctors advise NOT to do the following before a test:

• Urinating for two hours before the test
• Douching or applying creams at the vaginal area
• Taking antibiotics

Please consult the doctor for more information in this regard, especially the last one. If you are on medication, inform the doctor about it and follow his/her instructions.

About STD clinic

GC chlamydia test in VA is available at a reasonable rate at the STD clinic. You need no appointment for a test. Simply walk in and ask for a test. If you are suffering from symptoms, you may want to consult a doctor at the clinic. This, too, requires no prior appointment.

The best thing about the clinic is that they keep patients’ information private to avoid any awkward moment. This gives patients the ease and the much-needed privacy while talking about their sex lives.

STDs carry a social stigma. That’s one of the major reasons people avoid getting tested. However, with clinics like the one in Virginia, it is easier and more economical to undergo a test not only for chlamydia, but also for other infections.

Visit the clinic any day of the week or even on a holiday. The clinic also operates on extended hours. Do not forget to bring your partner along so that you avoid spreading the infection to each other.

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