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Here’s What Everybody Should Know About HIV

Here’s What Everybody Should Know About HIV

It is easy to get tested for HIV. Thanks to easily accessible STD clinic such as the one in Arlington, testing for any STD has become easier and more cost-effective. Now you need not visit a hospital for a simple HIV test or any similar test. Just walk in your nearest clinic and undergo a discreet test.

This not only saves you from the embarrassment, but also saves you money. The clinics are relatively cheaper than hospitals. And don’t forget, you are saving on car gas too, as the clinic is nearby.

In addition, the clinic offers a series of STD tests. It could be a package of tests that include testing for 2-3 diseases or a single test or maybe a comprehensive STD panel for both sexes.

So, those wondering how to get tested for HIV in Arlington can conveniently step inside the STD clinic and undergo a test.

More facilities

The clinic offers testing and treatment on the same day. This means, if you come out positive in test results, you can expect to receive the treatment plan on the same day. This helps you start the treatment at the earliest.

HIV positive

Being HIV positive is not the end of the world. Earlier, people considered an HIV patient doomed. Not anymore. Today, millions of people on the Earth are HIV positive, yet lead healthier and happier lives. This is because of the effective ART that has changed the lives of HIV patients for the better.

ART stands for Antiretroviral Therapy that doctors commonly administer to treat HIV patients. It is a combination of drugs. The motto is to bring down the viral load.


• The first step is to get tested for HIV in Arlington.
• The second step is to get treatment in case you come out positive. No worries, if you are negative.
• The third step is to follow the doctor’s instructions like the Bible and never miss a single dose.

The above three are crucial steps in effective disease management. Remember, HIV is an incurable infection. But you can successfully manage the disease for life by following your doctor’s advice and taking medications regularly.

Important things to know

Please keep in touch with the doctor. Be alert for any symptoms. Many people get skin rash while on ART. This is a reaction to drugs. You must inform your doctor and do as instructed.

The doctor will keep a tab on your progress with regard to the treatment. Please do not indulge in sexual activity until your viral load comes down to a particular extent. Your doctor will tell you when it is safe to resume sexual activities.

With successful ART, it is possible to lead a normal life, despite the virus inside your body. A suppressed viral load means you cannot infect anybody. At this stage, you can safely resume your sexual life.

How to get tested for HIV in Arlington?

Many people have this question in mind. As mentioned in the beginning, you can walk in your nearest STD clinic and ask for a test. No doctor’s prescription or prior appointment is required for a test.

Do not wait for symptoms. Not everybody gets them. If you have had unprotected sex once or multiple times, you must undergo HIV test.

HIV is one of the most rampant infections in the world. It can happen to anybody who is lax during sexual activities. If you indulge in high-risk sex behaviors, then you may need Pre Exposure Prophylaxis treatment (PrEP). This is for people who come out negative in HIV test results, but are at high risk.

Consult a doctor today in Arlington clinic and know more about HIV risks and treatment.

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