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Why Urgent Care Clinic is Best for STD Testing

Why Urgent Care Clinic is Best for STD Testing

Urgent care clinics are proving a boon to people of all walks of life, especially those who wish to undergo STD testing. The clinics cater to the health needs of the whole family. From a wide range of tests, including STD tests, to an array of facilities, these clinics are widely accepted.

In an urgent care clinic, STD testing is simple and fast. Most important, you need not reveal your identity. This comes as a huge relief to people who postpone testing due to embarrassment.

It’s not easy to talk about STDs. Can you freely discuss about sexually transmitted infections with your family or even with your family doctor? Chances are high that you would not. You would rather stay silent and spend anxious moments wondering whether you are healthy or carry some infection.

No more anxious moments now.

Simply walk in the nearest clinic and ask for a test. STD checkup in Arlington VA is that simple.

STDs are of different kinds. Some are caused by bacteria; some by virus; while some are caused by protozoa and fungi.

If you are unsure what test to undergo, you can consult a doctor present at the clinic. A few of the commonest STDs include syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, HIV, herpes, HPV, and hepatitis.

Apart from these, people may also get urinary tract infections, vaginitis, erectile dysfunction, and other such problems. The clinic also provides tests and treatments for these medical issues. You can also undergo general health checkup here.

Testing and treatment on the same day.

Urgent care clinic provides STD testing and treatment on the same day. This is convenient, as you need not visit again for receiving the treatment. You can go home and begin your treatment on the same day. The doctor might call you for a follow-up or a re-test later.

Scared of a test?

Nowadays, STD tests are simpler. They are painless and quick. In most of the cases, doctor would ask you to provide a blood or a urine sample. Only in some cases wherein there is discharge from the vagina or the penis would the doctor ask for a swab sample.

Test and diagnosis is done by qualified doctors. The staff of the clinic is well-trained. In fact, the ambience of the clinic is such that patients feel at ease. It is different from a typical hospital scene.

Reasons for visiting the clinic

All tests conducted at the urgent care clinic are approved by the FDA. This metro-accessible clinic is increasingly getting popular. One of the reasons is it provides a great alternative for people for health tests and consultations.

Why drive all the way to the hospital when you have a clinic nearby?

Moreover, you are saved from the ordeals of taking an appointment and waiting in a line.

An STD checkup in Arlington VA clinic takes just 15-20 minutes, while in a hospital it might take more than an hour. This is because there is hardly a waiting time in the clinic. You walk in; you ask for a test. The test is done; you pay the bill. If your test result is positive, you can immediately consult a doctor at the clinic and receive the treatment. Or you can simply collect the report and consult with your family doctor. The choice is yours.

The clinic is known for its accurate test results and quick delivery of results. Whether you are insured or uninsured, a teenager or an adult, single or married, you can confidently walk in the clinic any day of the week. Tell your medical problem and get the best possible medical care on an urgent basis.

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