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Urgent care clinics – convenient option for diagnosing and treating syphilis

Urgent care clinics – convenient option for diagnosing and treating syphilis

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection or STI caused by bacteria. It is also a highly contagious infection that can result in series health complications if not detected and treated on time. During the early stages of infection, syphilis is easily treatable. Unfortunately most people remain unaware about the severity of this infection and do not seek treatment until the infection has progressed to advanced stages. This is where urgent care clinics come into the picture. By offering quick diagnosis and immediate treatment, urgent care clinics play a vital role in preventing the spread of syphilis and helping reduce health complications.

Read on to discover more about this infection, its symptoms, complications, testing and treatment options.

Symptoms and complications of syphilis

It is hard to list down specific symptoms of syphilis infection Arlington VA since the symptoms tend to vary widely across individuals. And in some cases, affected individuals do not exhibit any kind of symptoms. In the initial stages of the infection some people may experience symptoms such as sores in the genital area and around the mouth or anus. Most of the time, people fail to connect the symptoms to syphilis and therefore do not seek medical attention. However leaving syphilis untreated can lead to serious health complications including hearing loss, blindness and even death. Infected pregnant women can pass on the infection to their new-borns and experience severe complications such as stillbirth.

Diagnosing syphilis

When you visit an urgent care clinic to test for syphilis you maybe required to provide a blood sample. This blood test has been designed to detect the presence of antibodies to the bacteria that causes syphilis. The test is also effective in indicating if an individual has been infected in the past even in the absence of current symptoms. If an affected individual has symptoms such as sores, the healthcare provider may take a swab from the sore and send it in for testing.

Syphilis in men

Men who engage in sexual intercourse with other men are more at risk of syphilis infection Arlington VA than the general population. This happens due to a combination of factors including multiple sexual partners, unprotected sex and higher risk of transmission during anal sex. The signs of syphilis in men VA include:

• Fever
• Rashes
• Genital sores
• Fatigue

If you actively engage in sexual relationships with other men and if you observe any of these symptoms, get tested for syphilis immediately.

If left untreated, syphilis in men can cause serious neurological complications. Men infected with syphilis are at also at higher risk of acquiring and transmitting HIV. For this reason, it is recommended that men who have sex with other men must get screened for syphilis at least once a year, even if they do not exhibit any signs of syphilis in men VA.

Treatment options for syphilis

Urgent care clinics are equipped to provide immediate treatment for syphilis. The standard treatment for syphilis includes antibiotics such as penicillin. Although the treatment is highly effective, it is vital to commence treatment at the earliest to prevent the infection from inflicting long-term damage to your health.

In addition, urgent care clinics also provide support and counselling services for people with syphilis. Counselling includes awareness classes on safe sex practices and on the importance of regular STD/STI screening. The sessions help people understand how to reduce their risk of acquiring and transmitting the infection.

Final word

Urgent care clinics play a vital role in diagnosing and treating syphilis infection Arlington VA. Extended working hours, confidential testing facilities, affordable rates and compassionate staff combine to make urgent care clinics the most convenient option for people across all age groups. Visit your nearest urgent care clinic today for comprehensive STD screening and take charge of your sexual health.

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