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Important Things to Know About HIV Symptoms like Rash

Important Things to Know About HIV Symptoms like Rash

Rash is a common sign of HIV. It can happen at the earliest stage (acute stage) or later stage when you are on medication. HIV rash can be purplish or red in color and itchy. It may or may not be painful. It can occur on the hands and the feet, on the face, neck, or upper part of the body.

See a doctor without delay

You must not ignore early stage HIV symptoms like rash. Immediately visit your nearest STD clinic and consult a doctor. It is good that such clinics are open all days of the week and on extended hours. Busy professionals need not compromise with their health any more due to their work hours.

No appointment is required to consult a doctor at the clinic or to undergo HIV test. Thanks to advancement in healthcare, we now have clinics dedicated to providing urgent care at various centralized locations. This gives people an opportunity to avail themselves immediate primary health care nearby.

Importance of heeding to the rash immediately

Many people ignore HIV rash thinking it to be just a simple rash, which may go away by itself; and it does go away! That’s how people get deceived and never undergo a test or consult a doctor.

If you think you may be exposed to HIV and you get a rash, you must not take any chances or assume it’s just a rash. It is important to undergo HIV test, which is a simple blood test, and see what the rash is about.

The sooner you undergo a test, the sooner the doctor can diagnose the infection. This, in turn, will help you begin the treatment as soon as possible.

When it comes to handling sexually transmitted infections, such as the deadly HIV, time is of value. Minutes are ticking by and the virus is spreading fast in your body. Early stage HIV symptom like rash is proof that the virus is multiplying quickly and your body is busy fighting it. You must do something. This is the first warning sign your body is giving.

Importance of quick treatment

In case you come out HIV positive, the doctor will quickly put you on medications. The aim is to control the viral load. This usually happens within six months or so, provided the patient takes the medications religiously without skipping even a single dose.

Scary thing about HIV

A scary thing about HIV is that once the early HIV symptoms subside, you hardly get the next set of symptoms soon. They would appear years after. In some people, they appear after decades! So, you will be carrying the virus in you for all these years without knowing. Meanwhile, you will infect the people with whom you engage in sexual activity.

At the same time, you are heading towards the deadly AIDS path. With the virus inside you, your immunity deteriorates over time until it is so weak that you become vulnerable to opportunistic infections. This is the deadliest stage of HIV.

That’s why it is vital to know how to get tested for HIV in Arlington. This way, you can take necessary steps to ensure your sexual health.

Rash due to medication

Many people get rash while undergoing treatment. Drugs used for the treatment can trigger rash. You must consult a doctor in this case for the right thing to do. Sometimes, rash is accompanied with vomiting, headache, fever, fatigue, stomach pain, muscle pain, and an upset stomach. Doctors call it “hypersensitivity reaction” towards certain drugs used for HIV treatment.

It is wise to get tested for HIV in Arlington and seek medical consultation with respect to rash treatment.

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