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Tips to Manage HIV/AIDS and Early Stage Symptoms

Tips to Manage HIV/AIDS and Early Stage Symptoms

One of the reasons why people suffer from serious health complications is that they ignore the earliest symptoms of a disease. They think it will go away by itself and continue with their daily activities; and the symptoms really goes away by itself! That’s where the danger lies.

According to the doctor, it is the symptom that goes away, not the infection. In most of the cases, sexually transmitted diseases do not produce symptoms and if they do, they would produce common symptoms that people often think to be harmless.

For example, one of the early stage HIV symptoms is rash. This rash is red or purple in color, itchy, and painful. It may be limited to one or two body areas or throughout the body. An infected person may never imagine this rash to be a sign of HIV. He or she may think of it as a skin disease.

However, if you have had unprotected sex lately and then get such a rash, you must visit your nearest clinic and talk to the doctor about it.

Talking without feeling shy

One of the appreciable things about urgent care clinic is that you can talk about your sexual life with the doctor candidly, as the clinic respects the privacy of their patients. Upon request, they would keep your identity confidential so that you feel no embarrassment.

Depending on your sexual history and behavior, plus symptoms, if any, the doctor would suggest you the right test. You will also know how to get tested for HIV in Arlington.

About HIV rash

HIV rash is an indication that you are infected by this deadly virus. This also indicates that the infection is progressing. According to doctors, about 90 per cent of HIV infected people suffer from a skin condition during the entire course of the infection.

The conditions can be:

• Skin rash or inflammatory dermatitis
• Fungal, viral, bacterial, and parasitic infestations
• Skin cancers

It is found that early stage HIV symptoms like rash and other skin conditions improve when the infected patient takes antiretroviral therapy.

That’s the reason it is important to be proactive and undergo a test on time. This way, you can get timely treatment, which can suppress the viral load in your body and help you lead a normal life as much as possible.

Incurable, but manageable

HIV is an incurable infection. However, it is perfectly manageable. Following the instructions of your doctor religiously can help you lead a good quality life and even indulge in sex without spreading the infection to your partner. This can happen when you have a suppressed viral load, which makes you non-infectious.

How to manage HIV/AIDS?

• HIV/AIDS management includes the use of antiretroviral drugs.
• You must also undergo tests for other STDs because HIV-infected people are more susceptible to catching other sexually transmitted infections.
• Wash hands frequently and practice good personal hygiene, as you are more susceptible to getting opportunistic infections due to weakened immunity.
• Avoid contact with people suffering from contagious diseases.
• Keep in touch with your doctor so that you carry out the therapy well.
• Never miss a single dose of medication, as it can make the virus resistant to the drugs. Take the medication at the same time every day. If you travel a lot, make sure you have your medication in the bag.
• Quit smoking and reduce or quit drinking alcohol, as it can make you feel depressed and also affect your physical health.
• If you are into depression due to HIV, please seek help.
• Eat nutritious diet and exercise daily to stay healthier and happier.

Visit your nearest clinic and know how to get tested for HIV in Arlington. HIV infection does not spell the end of the world for you. Take it as a new beginning.

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