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7 Early Signs of HIV You Must Not Ignore

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7 Early Signs of HIV You Must Not Ignore

Do you know the earliest sign of HIV is a common cold? Many people also get a skin rash and fever. These symptoms are so common you actually think you have a cold or skin disease. You cannot imagine these are signs of HIV; but as doctors say, a person who has had unprotected sex recently must sit up and take notice, if he or she gets these symptoms.

In Arlington, early signs of HIV in women and men can be detected by a doctor at your nearest urgent care clinic.

Here are 7 signs to watch out for:

  1. Low grade fever accompanied with chills
    You suffer from low grade fever ranging between 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit to 101 degrees Fahrenheit. Along with fever, you get chills. This signals that your body is busy fighting an invader, in this case, HIV. If you have had unprotected sex recently and get this symptom, undergo a test.
  2. Night sweats
    If you are waking up with excessive sweating, despite conducive room temperature, you must consult a doctor. Your body’s trying to flush out toxins. It could be an HIV infection or some other medical condition, even the onset of menopause. In any case, getting this sign must make you talk to the doctor.
  3. Skin rash
    Many people infected with HIV show skin rash in the early stages. It looks like some drug reaction – no bumps, no itchiness, only redness. This is your body’s inflammatory response to an invader.
  4. Common cold and/or sore throat
    In the post pandemic era, people would immediately think they have contracted Covid-19 and not HIV. However, to your surprise, this can be an early sign of HIV. If you haven’t indulged in risky sex behavior recently, no worries, it is common cold or maybe the Coronavirus; but if you have, time to visit your nearby clinic in Arlington for HIV screening test.
  5. Fatigue
    Within the first week of getting infected by HIV, you feel fatigued for no apparent reason. Your body also feels achy or in discomfort. Your body is fighting the virus, darling, and it’s tired. Time for a test.
  6. Yeast infection
    Yeast usually thrive in your mouth and in the vagina. When HIV enters your body, these microscopic fungi start growing out of control, leading to a yeast infection. So, this is a sign that things are not right down there.
  7. Swelling in the groin, armpits, and the neck
    Your groin, armpits, and neck contain lymph nodes, which produce infection-fighting cells. If they swell, it means they are working overtime to fight off some infection. Time to see a doctor.

Please do not ignore the above signs of HIV. They signal the earliest stage. There is still hope at this time. If you are positive, the doctor would immediately put you on appropriate therapy to suppress the viral load. You will be saved from the dreaded AIDS.

HIV is incurable, but manageable. Don’t let it turn into AIDS and destroy your immunity.

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