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7 Early Signs of HIV You Must Not Ignore

Do you know the earliest sign of HIV is a common cold? Many people also get a skin rash and fever. These symptoms are so common you actually think you have a cold or skin disease. You cannot imagine these are signs of HIV; but as doctors say, a person who has had unprotected sex recently must sit up and take notice, if he or she gets these symptoms. In Arlington,...

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An HIV Diagnosis Need Not Be Frightening – You Can Get Treated & Remain Healthy For Years

New York saw a very significant fall in new cases of HIV, 2500 numbers to be exact in 2018 from the time AIDS was first reported in 1981. It was the lowest after years - a heartening and promising development indeed. This signaled a high level of confidence in the treatment meted out. A diagnosis of HIV was no longer considered a death sentence with the end of the HIV epidemic looking a...