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Beware, STDs are Dangerous and Deceptive!

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Beware, STDs are Dangerous and Deceptive!

STDs are dangerous. The very fact that the pathogens can stay inside your body for years together should make you rush to a nearby clinic and undergo a test. Simply wishing an infection away doesn’t work. Rarely does a sexually transmitted infection goes away by itself.

Yes, the symptoms may go away, the early ones to be precise.

At times, they are so mild and common that people can hardly imagine even in their wildest dreams that they are symptoms of STDs.

For example:

Let’s take the example of early stage HIV symptoms like rash. A skin rash seems harmless, and it is common. People get it. Often, it is due to an allergy or a food not agreeing with you or simply due to hot and humid weather.

So what do you do when you get a skin rash?

Simple – you visit a dermatologist and get a treatment. The rash goes away. You are happy. And you forget the whole matter.

And while you happily go about living your life, the human immuno virus (HIV), on the other hand, happily stays inside your body.

Imagine the virus smiling malevolently on deceiving you by giving a little rash! Now, it is preparing for something bigger.

Take the doctor’s advice

That’s why, dear friends, it is important that you must not ignore even the slightest symptom, especially when you know you have had unprotected sex recently or in the past.

Viruses like HIV can stay in your body for decades. So, you must dig into the past and remember the time or times when you were careless while being physically intimate with your partner.

It is times like these that pave the way for a diseased future, particularly when you pay no attention to symptoms or take STD testing lightly.

Getting tested

In Arlington, HIV screening test is available at the nearest STD clinic. You shouldn’t have a problem hopping into the clinic one fine day and asking for a test.

The best part is you need no prior appointment. So, if you suddenly realize you might be exposed, you can walk in the clinic without fretting about appointments and paperwork and consult a doctor.

The clinic is known to be efficient and advanced in its medical care. The staff focuses on patient convenience. They keep patients’ identity confidential upon request. This erases the feeling of embarrassment, which is so common among patients who visit for a STD test.


STDs can be deceptive. Many don’t show symptoms. Others show symptoms that feel like some other harmless condition. While there are a few others that show obvious signs and symptoms. You feel something wrong ‘down there.’

Don’t let embarrassment come in the way between you and STD testing. STDs are just like any other disease. The only thing that makes them deplorable by societies is that they are contracted through sexual activity.

But hey, it’s 2022 folks! Don’t let early stage HIV symptoms like rash deceive you simply because you were too shy to talk about it with the doctor.

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