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Here’s Everything You Wanted to Know about Chlamydia Screening

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Here’s Everything You Wanted to Know about Chlamydia Screening

One of the most common Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) caused by bacteria, chlamydia affects millions every year in the United States alone. It is not limited to people of any race or gender and is found in almost all regions of the country. Since most people affected by chlamydia are asymptomatic, the official count of infections is likely higher than what the reports indicate.

Chlamydia spreads through sexual intercourse – vaginal, oral or anal. You can become infected if you indulge in a physical relationship with a person who is infected or even share sex toys that have not been properly sterilized after use by an infected person. Due to its largely asymptomatic nature, infected people often remain unaware about their infection and end up unknowingly passing on the infection to their partners. Regular screening is the only solution to check the spread of chlamydia.

Why is screening important?

The most important reason to go in for Virginia chlamydia screening testis that chlamydia is easily treatable and totally curable. However, you need to seek treatment and begin taking medications at the earliest to reduce possible health complications in future. With regular screening, you can have better control over your sexual health and rest assured that you are neither infected nor inadvertently passing on the infection to others.

Every sexually active person is at risk of getting chlamydia infection. The bacterium passes from one person to another through the semen or vaginal fluid of an infected person during sexual intercourse. In short, any person who practices any form of sex faces the risk of chlamydia infection. Women who are pregnant and infected with chlamydia must especially walk in for Arlington chlamydia screening since they can pass on the infection to their new born.

Symptoms and diagnosis of chlamydia

Although the infection is asymptomatic in most people, sometimes infected individuals may experience symptoms such as:

  • Gray or yellow vaginal discharge in women or watery discharge from the penis in men
  • Burning sensation or intense pain while peeing
  • Painful intercourse
  • Itching in and around your private parts
  • Throbbing pain in the lower abdomen

Since these symptoms may indicate a number of health issues or other STIs or STDs, only a Virginia chlamydia screening test can help confirm if it is chlamydia. Ignoring these symptoms is simply not an option since chlamydia can lead to infertility, pelvic pain, pregnancy complications, and epididymitis in addition to escalating your risks of contracting HIV or developing arthritis.

Final word

Opening up about your physical relationships and discussing your sex life with healthcare professionals can seem awkward and embarrassing. However, only if you are honest and open will your healthcare provider receive the necessary details to provide you the care and treatment you need.

Without the right treatment for chlamydia, you are at risk of serious health issues. Your medical care provider at urgent care clinic can help with Virginia chlamydia screening testat regular intervals to reduce your risk of getting infected or suffering from other health complications. Combine regular screening with safe sex practices and you have a winning formula to ensure optimal sexual health.

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