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Getting Tested For HIV? What Will People Say?

Getting Tested For HIV? What Will People Say?

It is easy to get tested for other medical conditions such as kidney or liver disease, heart conditions, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, hormones, and many more. However, it is a challenge to get tested for a sexually transmitted disease, especially HIV.

HIV carries a heavy social stigma. We may have evolved into sophisticated beings and entered the digital era, yet the stigma stays. Utter the word “HIV” and people start labeling you.

And, mind you, hardly anybody will appreciate you for asking the question: how to get tested for HIV in Arlington?

Instead, they would immediately raise their eyebrows. Then, they might ask: “Why in the world do YOU want to get tested for HIV?” The emphasis is on the word “you.”

So why should I get tested, you may ask

You must get tested because it is about your and your partner’s health. Ultimately, it will affect your family.

People will talk. They might gossip about you. They may look down upon you as you walk on the street. What’s the big deal? You get tested for HIV and catch early stage HIV symptoms like rash and restore your health. You win.

And don’t forget, these very people who are scorning you will, one day, appreciate you for being responsible and undergoing a test.

If you fail to undergo a test and are dying of this disease, the same people will again raise the eyebrows. This time, they would say: “Why didn’t he/she get tested for HIV!”

So, ladies and gentlemen, heed no more to what people will think and say. Instead, set an example.

Know how to get tested for HIV in Arlington and also spread the knowledge to your friends and acquaintances. Encourage them to undergo HIV test. Remember, not everybody gets early stage HIV symptoms. This can deceive you into believing that you are healthy when you are not.

Waiting for symptoms to appear is a bad idea, say doctors. If you have had unprotected sex in the past or recently, walk in the clinic and ask for a test.

A test can save a life

HIV can stay in the host body for years together. It does not go away by itself. Instead, it multiplies in your body and destroys your immunity. It can cause irreparable health damage. Untreated HIV infection turns into AIDS, which is a potentially fatal condition.

A timely test can help you discover the infection at the earliest and you can start the treatment.

Do not ignore symptoms like rash

If you have had unprotected sex at any time in your life and you experience rash, please do not ignore. Consult a doctor. He or she will examine the rash and tell you whether it is HIV rash or normal skin condition.

If it seems to be HIV rash, the doctor will advise you to undergo a test. STD clinic in Arlington is known to start treatment on the same day of testing, if a person is HIV positive. The quicker you begin the treatment, the better you can manage the viral load.


HIV infection is common. Please do not think that this happens to others and will not happen to me. Also, it is time to break the shackles of “what will people say” and walk in the clinic.

The good news is that your nearest clinic in Arlington conducts discreet testing. Now people won’t know and if they don’t know, they won’t say anything. Great, isn’t it?

Still wondering how to get tested for HIV in Arlington? Simply walk in the clinic and ask for a test. No appointment required, no insurance necessary, no hefty price.

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