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Top Reasons to Consider Visiting an Established Arlington Quick STD Test Clinic

Top Reasons to Consider Visiting an Established Arlington Quick STD Test Clinic

The incidence of Sexually Transmitted Infections is alarming. Each year, STDs affect over 20 million people because of the rapid spread of these infections. A large percentage of these individuals do not approach STD testing facilities, multiplying the number of new cases.

Lack of STD testing is also the reason for severe complications as these individuals do not receive timely treatment. Most STDs are treatable with appropriate antibiotics following an Arlington quick STD test. Here are the reasons why one must visit a reliable STD clinic.

STDs- a brief overview

A Sexually Transmitted Disease and infection are not interchangeable terms. A Sexually Transmitted Infection becomes a Sexually Transmitted Disease if the individual fails to get proper treatment for the cure. STD or STI refers to health conditions mainly because of unprotected sexual contact with an infected individual or unnatural sex.

STDs can also cause because of contact with infected bodily secretions and blood transfusion. Would-be moms having an STI may pass the infection to the fetus in the absence of the treatment.

Detection is the key to cure

Most individuals have a Sexually Transmitted Disease without knowing about it. It increases the probability of the infection’s spread to healthy individuals. One must confirm the presence or absence of infection by visiting a reputed urgent care clinic for Arlington quick STD test and treatment.

Qualified physicians at reputed urgent care clinics prescribe specific medication by examining the STD test report. Early detection of an STI is the key to a complete cure, in most cases.

Guarantees the right treatment

A physician recommends lab tests to detect the presence and type of sexually transmitted infection. The test reports are helpful for the treatment, which depends on the type of STI. The most critical reason to get tested for an STD is to get the specific treatment.

One cannot be sure about the presence or absence of the Sexually Transmitted Infection unless there is a confirmation by a relevant STD test. It is crucial to get tested for HIV in Arlington urgent care STD clinic to rule out the possibility of an STD.

Most STDs present no symptoms

The absence of symptoms is the most critical feature of many Sexually Transmitted Infections. One can get STD and continue living normally without any obvious symptoms.

The symptoms of STD may appear in later disease stages, complicating the person’s condition as these infections can cause severe harm in the absence of treatment.

Arrest the STD transmission

An individual with STI is more likely to spread the infection to others after failing to take necessary precautions.

STD detection makes the person aware of their situation and avoids casual sex without using preventive measures. Getting tested for HIV is crucial to protect the partner from getting the sexually transmitted disease.

Anybody can get STD

Sexually Transmitted diseases are prevalent in people regardless of their sex and age. Being a virgin does not mean the person may not get an STD which can spread through skin-to-skin contact or blood transfusion. An STD test should become part of periodic testing for people who may or may not be sexually active.

Casual sex is common

One-night-stand, dating, casual sex, and extra-marital affairs are on the rise leading to the growing incidence of Sexually Transmitted Infections. An individual with an STD passes on the infection to their partner.

Considering timely Arlington quick STD test is essential if someone has a history of unnatural or casual sex with strangers. Testing paves the way for an early diagnosis and treatment to prevent further spread and complications of the disease.

The takeaway

STDs can affect anyone through casual sex or simple skin-to-skin contact. Approaching an established urgent care Arlington quick STD test facility should be the priority if you suspect your near one has an STD infection. STDs are detectable and treatable with early diagnosis and prompt treatment.

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