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Undergo STD Testing Before Halloween and Thanksgiving

Undergo STD Testing Before Halloween and Thanksgiving

As the festival season begins, you may be flooded with articles talking about how to stay healthy and fit during Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other special occasions. However, staying healthy is not related to food choices alone. You must take care of several other things during this season to stay healthy and happy.

STD testing

Annual health exams are good, but you must also undergo STD exam. It is vital to know whether you are free of sexually transmitted infection. According to doctors, these infections don’t just affect the reproductive organs; they can spread to the whole body when left untreated. So, visit your nearest walk in STD clinic in Arlington and ask for a test. You need no prior appointment or doctor’s prescription for this. The clinic conducts discreet testing.

Remember, most STDs are asymptomatic; so do not wait for symptoms. You may be infected and you don’t know. Only a test can tell you whether you are healthy or infected, say doctors.


The season’s changing. You can feel the nip in the air. As the temperature drops, so can your immunity. That’s why it is important to maintain a strong immunity to stay away from infections, especially flu and common cold, which are at their peak now.

Apart from having hot soups and nutritious diet, you must keep yourselves warm. It’s not that cold yet to layer yourselves with warm clothes; but you still must be cautious of the changing weather. A light warm scarf around the neck or a full-sleeved shirt instead of a spaghetti top can keep your body temperature good.

HIV patients need to be more careful during this time, as the infection weakens their immunity. Ensure you take your medications regularly to keep your viral load suppressed. This way, you can better enjoy the festivities.

Walk in STD clinic near Arlington conducts HIV testing. If you haven’t tested before, pledge to ensure your sexual health before Halloween. Make sure you take your partner along for a test.

It’s fall; time to restore your health

Fall has begun. If you did not heed to your symptoms or any health matter the whole year, time to do it now. Doctors at Arlington clinic are ready to help you. Take charge of your health so that you can have a fulfilling Thanksgiving feast, knowing that you are healthy or taking treatment to become healthy again.

As you take the first bite of your Thanksgiving dinner, you would feel content that you and your partner ensured your sexual health.

Being grateful

Everybody talks of health, but only a few talk about sexual health. This festive season, also thank the Almighty for keeping you free of infections.

If your test results are positive, you must still thank the Almighty that you could undergo a test on time and catch the infection. With walk in STD clinic in Arlington just around the corner, it truly feels to be blessed to have a doctor near you.

More things to be grateful about:

• The clinic is open all days of the week.
• It will also be open during holidays.
• You can find a doctor at extended hours too.
• The clinic keeps patients’ privacy confidential upon request.
• No prior appointment required. Insurance not mandatory.
• Want to feel like a VIP? Take VIP Care for an additional charge and get more benefits.

So, do not delay. The clinic offers testing and treatment on the same day. Moreover, STD testing is painless and quick thanks to progressive medical science. Walk in STD clinic near Arlington VA harbors qualified doctors and trained staff to give you the best possible medical care and guidance.

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