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Same-Day STD Testing Near Arlington VA Puts You on a Road to Speedy Recovery

Same-Day STD Testing Near Arlington VA Puts You on a Road to Speedy Recovery

Most sexually transmitted infections involve unprotected or unnatural sex or sex with multiple partners. It underlines the reason we call these sexually transmitted infections. However, there are other causes of STIs, like sharing needles during substance use, exposure to infected blood through blood transfusion, and contact with infected person’s bodily fluids. A Sexually Transmitted Infection is detectable with same-day STD testing near Arlington VA. Testing is the most convenient and reliable way to know a person’s infection status.

How does an STI differ from routine infections?

An infection is the entry of bacteria or viruses into the host’s body through different routes. Common infections are easy to detect because of specific symptoms like fever, throat pain, or tooth pain. Unlike standard infections, such as dental carries, boils, sore throat, and typhoid, a sexually transmitted infection has non-specific signs or symptoms. Many STIs present no symptoms for several months until the bacteria multiplies and spreads to other parts of the body, leading to complications.

Being unaware of the infection status is dangerous, as the infected person avoids testing and treatment. Besides, a physician cannot conclude about the sexually transmitted infection in the person only by a physical examination, delaying the treatment. A standard lab test at an established urgent care STD testing center is the only dependable method of STD detection. A physician can make a provisional diagnosis by knowing the individual’s sexual history, but an STD test is essential for confirming the diagnosis.

Importance of testing

Lack of timely testing is a common cause of the spread of sexually transmitted infections, besides failure to use condoms during sexual intercourse. A sexually transmitted infection may produce vague symptoms. These symptoms are not helpful for the final diagnosis of the sexually transmitted infection. A physician must order a broad-spectrum STD test to know the type of sexually transmitted infection. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis are common Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Most STD infections become symptomatic during advanced stages, complicating treatment and management. Leading centers for same-day STD testing near Arlington, VA, ensure quick test results for early detection of the infection. It is crucial to know the STD type before planning an appropriate treatment with antimicrobial drugs or antibiotics. Although a doctor orders an STD test, one may approach an STD testing facility for an anonymous test to ensure privacy.

Reliable STD testing

All individuals may consider an annual STD screening at the nearest facility of urgent care STD testing center. Routine STD screening is essential for women during their childbearing age. People involved in casual sex or individuals with a history of sex with multiple partners must consider approaching an STD testing facility following unprotected sex with strangers. Many people avoid visiting a physician because of the taboo or guilt. These STD clinics allow private STD testing if an individual volunteers for an STD test.

One may visit an urgent care STD testing clinic if the following symptoms are present:

• Vaginal discharge with a foul odor
• Intermittent vaginal bleeding
• Genital warts
• Painful urination
• Sores around the genital area
• Pain during or after intercourse
• Genital swelling and itching

The physician may correlate the symptoms with the person’s sexual history to advise STD testing. The final STD testing report is necessary for the physician to recommend medication.

To conclude

Established clinics for same-day STD testing near Arlington, VA, have advanced testing facilities to detect multiple infections like gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis, herpes, HIV, and syphilis. The presence of chills, fever, joint pain, and malaise are a few non-specific symptoms of STIs. One should not delay testing and treatment of a sexually transmitted infection because the chances of recovering from an STD are better with early detection and medication.

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