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Chlamydia Screening is More Important Than You Think

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Chlamydia Screening is More Important Than You Think

Some of you might wonder what is the commotion about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Well, STDs are rampant throughout the world and the scary thing is they don’t always produce symptoms. So, you continue with your sexual activities, thinking you are fine and pay no attention to tests and treatment.

Unfortunately, a large number of people don’t care about safety measures during sex. As a result, they spread the infection to others. According to doctors in Virginia, chlamydia screening test becomes all the more important for such people. Chlamydia is one of the commonest STDs and unprotected sexual activities can put you at a great risk of contracting it.

Reel vs. real life

If you look at the alarming figures of STD-infected people (in millions) as reported by Centres of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you would say it’s an STD-inflicted world out there.

Those fond of zombie flicks can imagine this: a group of zombies, in this case STD-infected people, heading towards you, ready to infect you!

Well, we wish not to paint a grim picture. The world is still beautiful; and to keep your family world beautiful, you must know about Virginia clinic and chlamydia screening test that they offer.

Importance of being healthy as a couple

A healthy couple starts a healthy family. According to doctors, infected mothers can easily pass on sexually transmitted infections to their newborn. This should give you a strong reason to ensure your sexual health, especially couples who are thinking of starting a family.

When you are disease-free and fit the world truly is beautiful for you, right?

A small but significant step

It all starts with a small responsibility towards your own health, and that is, undergoing a test for sexually transmitted infection. Just like you undergo an annual test to ensure all your body systems are working well, you must undergo STD test.

According to medical experts, people with multiple partners and indulging in high-risk sexual behaviors must undergo regular tests. Those in monogamous relationship can do so atleast once in a lifetime.

STD test is not included in the annual medical exam. You must ask your doctor to include it in the exam. You can also undergo chlamydia testing near Arlington, VA. The clinic conducts discreet testing and its test are reasonably priced.

Advantage of chlamydia screening

Screening is a reliable way to determine whether you are infected so that you can begin the treatment as early as possible. STD clinic in Arlington provide testing and treatment on the same day. It would also be good idea to bring your partner along for the test because you can never tell a person is infected with an STD without testing.

Timely testing can save you from health complications that may arise due to untreated infected. It also prevents the spread of infection.

What if you are infected?

A positive test result indicates you are infected with the bacterium, Chlamydia trachomatis. You need not worry as chlamydia is a curable disease. The doctor would put you on a course of antibiotics. Ensure that you take the medication as per instructed and follow your doctor’s advice.

Avoid any kind of sexual activity while on treatment. It is better to re-test after treatment to make sure you are free of infection.

Your doctor will guide you on when to undergo a second test and what other precautions to take.

Testing facility

Chlamydia testing near Arlington, VA, is available at the STD clinic, which stays open all days of the week. The clinic conducts consultations and tests on walk-in basis. It caters to the health of all age groups.

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