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Discovering Relevance of a Trichomoniasis Blood Test in Virginia STD Clinic

Discovering Relevance of a Trichomoniasis Blood Test in Virginia STD Clinic

Many Sexually Transmitted Infections like trichomoniasis are treatable following a proper diagnosis. Most individuals having trichomoniasis or “trich” cannot know about its presence because of the absence of specific symptoms. An early trichomoniasis blood test in Virginia STD center promises quick detection and treatment of this prevalent and curable sexually transmitted disease. Continue reading to know diagnostic tests for detection besides causes, symptoms, and treatment of trichomoniasis.

What causes trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease that spreads through vaginal discharge or semen during unprotected sexual intercourse. Trich may occur because of unnatural sex or contact with the genitals of an infected person. However, it does not spread through ordinary touch during a handshake or kiss.

An individual having trichomoniasis may experience these symptoms:

• Pain during ejaculation or urination
• White discharge from the penis
• Foul-smelling yellowish or greenish vaginal discharge
• Painful intercourse
• Redness around the opening of the vagina

Seven out of ten infected individuals do not experience any symptoms. It increases the probability of trichomoniasis transmission, as these individuals do not consider testing and treatment for trichomoniasis.

What should you know about trichomoniasis diagnosis

Detection or diagnosis of any sexually transmitted infection like trich is the most crucial step for the correct treatment because these infections may not show any specific symptoms. One must discuss with the physician about the history of unprotected sex with strangers or multiple partners.

A physical exam involves checking the genital area to find unusual discharge. They may conduct a pelvic exam to know if there is a sign of a “strawberry cervix” showing a trichomoniasis infection. The physician may not recommend a trichomoniasis blood test in Virginia STD centers as tests for detecting trich involve testing of vaginal fluids or urethral swabs.

Lab tests for trichomoniasis

Laboratory investigations are vital for detecting trichomoniasis parasites present in genital fluids. The laboratory technicians swab samples from the penis or vagina to conduct tests. These tests aim at checking antibodies that the body produces in response to the parasitic invasion. A physician may consider testing for other sexually transmitted diseases besides trichomoniasis. These are the simple tests for examining the involvement of trichomoniasis parasites.

• Nucleic acid test
• Rapid antigen test

In Arlington, trichomoniasis self-test is also available if the person wants to test discreetly. These self-tests involve receiving a test kit and sharing the test result with the provider for processing of final results. One can also approach the nearest urgent care STD clinic for a discreet test which does not mandate a physician’s order. One should consider a self-test upon suspecting a trichomoniasis infection to maintain privacy. Reputed STD clinics facilitate anonymous testing and same-day consultation. Testing and treating both partners is a standard practice.

Things to know before a trich test

Choosing a reliable STD testing center is crucial while planning a trich test. Urgent care STD testing centers are convenient and reliable, as these promise same-day testing and consultation at the same place. Planning a trichomoniasis test when there is no menstruation is a must, as the test involves the collection of vaginal swabs. Avoiding any sexual activity before a trichomoniasis test is essential because the test involves the collection of genital fluids.

One should stop sexual activities after suspecting a sexually transmitted disease because it encourages transmission of the disease. Physicians look for foul odors during pelvic examination. One should not use any deodorant spray, vaginal wash, or talc powder that may mask the odor. Stop using a douche one day before the STD test because the douche removes vaginal fluids.

In conclusion

Trichomoniasis blood test in Virginia STD Center for Urgent Care provides convenience and privacy. Getting tested for STDs should be part of routine screening for everyone in childbearing age. Routine gynecological exams involve STD testing to detect sexually transmitted diseases like trichomoniasis. STDs are treatable following prompt detection.

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