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Walk-In Clinics – For Easy and Discreet STD Testing In Minutes

STD clinic in Arlington offers HSV2 medication.

Walk-In Clinics – For Easy and Discreet STD Testing In Minutes

Individuals who are sexually active and engage in physical relations with several partners will often be recommended to utilize adequate protection and undergo STD testing every once in a while. This advice is significant because a person affected by a sexually transmitted disease (STD) may exhibit no or minimal symptoms, making him/her unaware that they are affected and may have unknowingly passed on the infection to their partners as well.

Going in for regular STD testing at a same day STD testing near Arlington VA clinic is a reliable solution to keep a tab on your sexual health, detect the presence of STDs or STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections), and receive treatment to prevent aggravation of the condition.

Get results and begin treatment on the same day

Clinics that offer same day STD testing near Arlington VA are convenient options to undergo testing. You can simply walk in without having to book an appointment. You will be screened for several STDs and the results will be available unbelievably fast. If these tests come in positive, you can begin treatment on the same day as well.

The qualified doctors and friendly medical staff in same day STD testing in Pentagon city clinics offer reliable and quality testing and treatment services. If it is privacy you are anxious about, rest assured that all your personal and medical details will be kept absolutely safe and that your confidentiality will be safeguarded.

Ensuing reliability and confidentiality

It is important to be aware that you do not undergo testing for STDs every time you get a Pap smear test or visit your gynecologist. These visits are meant to address your general health status and detect early symptoms of cancers. If you suspect that you have contracted some kind of STD, you will have to provide your doctor complete details before you will be recommended a test.

In a same day STD testing near Arlington VA clinic, you can simply walk in and get tested without being recommended by a doctor. Although the testing procedures vary for different STDs, a blood or urine sample will be adequate for most diagnostic testing procedures. The clinics offer quick and reliable testing services for STDs and STIs such as:

• Gonorrhea
• Chlamydia
• Herpes I and II
• HIV 1 and HIV 2
• Syphilis
• Trichomonas

In addition to providing testing services for a wide range of STIs and STDs, these walk in clinics also provide quality treatment for UTIs (urinary tract infections, vaginitis, and even erectile dysfunction.

Avail quality treatment for STDs

There is no cause for alarm or stress if you test positive for an STD or STI. The highly experienced doctors at these clinics will get you started on treatment the same day and recommend that you notify your sex partner/s as well.

While some clinics may offer medications to be passed on to your partner/s without direct evaluation, certain same day STD testing in Pentagon city clinics may recommend that you bring in your partner/s for comprehensive evaluation and treatment.

The clinics that provide same day STD testing near Arlington VA offer conveniently designed, separate, and comprehensive STD testing packages for both men and women. These affordable testing packages include screening for most STDs and STIs, offering you highly accurate results and enabling you to get started on the treatment course in the early stages of the infection.

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